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Glass Melting

Using oxygen to optimise glass melting processes and comply with increasingly strict legislation

melting glass with oxyfuel

Using oxygen instead of air in glass combustion processes offers a number of benefits. It eliminates the nitrogen ballast and therefore increases flame temperatures. Oxygen-enriched solutions also raise the concentration of CO2 and H2O in the vicinity of the flame. And since these gases are mainly responsible for thermal radiation, they make gas jets more efficient.

There are a variety of ways to increase combustion efficiency when melting glass. These include:
• All-oxyfuel
• Oxyfuel boosting
• Oxygen enrichment/lancing.

We offer a range of oxygen-based combustion solutions. These innovative technologies bring a host of benefits, including:

• Reduced emissions/CO2 footprint
• Energy savings
• Increased productivity
• Improved glass quality
• Elimination of nitrogen ballast
• Improved heat transfer.

Burner Technologies
Deployed correctly, burners help control heat input more accurately, improve glass circulation and enhance batch melting. You can combine our burners with oxygen lances to increase your melting capacity further. We offer a range of burners tailored to individual applications.

Supporting Services
We offer fast, efficient delivery and support services to keep your furnace running with virtually no interruptions and help prolong its service life. Our oxyfuel service also enables you to continue production during regenerator or recuperator repairs by eliminating the need for a heat recovery device.


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