Professional Trade Service

Trade Service

  • Our international database is a synonym for timeliness and quality all around the world wide glass industry. Here, you find suitable suppliers, consultants, products and additional information about the selected companies.

  • At the push of a button, you get all data and facts about almost 15,000 companies on your screen and this in English and German.

  • We help you to ease your research. Profit of our longterm experience in the glass business. Our team is made up of glass engineers who can make their experience from lots of assignments abroad work for you.

    You are looking for glass machines, lines or accessories? We will send out a mailing to all suitable suppliers and will arrange for suitable offers.

    You have new or used equipment, lines or accessories for sale? We will send out a mailing to all prospective customers!

    This service is available at an annual price of 990 Euro.

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