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One of the most important gas suppliers world-wide Linde Gas is the first choice of over 1.5 million customers in over 50 countries – customers that benefit from our gas application technology and specialist services as well as our wide range of hardware. Linde Gas offers high-level, technological quality.

We are positioned to develop and implement individual solutions around the world. Innovative technologies transformed into practicable solutions are the driving force behind the progress of our day-to-day business. In our research and development, ideas are converted into new technologies that help our customers secure competitive advantages and open new market opportunities. Our expertise, innovation and creativity are placed at your disposal. Your future begins today. With Linde Gas.


Company Linde AG
Linde Gas Division
Address Carl-von-Linde-Strasse 25
85716 Unterschleissheim
Country Germany
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Name Mr. Michael Seys
Position Head of Market Segment Metals&Glass EMEA
Phone 0049 89 31001 5282
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Name Mr. Christoph Laumen
Position Head of Application Technology Hub EMEA
Phone 0049 89 31001 5212
Fax 0049 89 31001 5315
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Name Mr. Matthias Görisch
Position Application Engineer Metallurgy Glass & Ceramics
Phone 0049 911 4238 175
Fax 0049 911 4238 179
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Name Mr. Uwe Neubauer
Position Segment Manager Metallurgy
Phone 0049 911 4238 146
Fax 0049 911 4238 179
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Name Mr. Malte Redenz
Position ECOVAR Applications
Phone 0049 3461 853387
Fax 0049 3461 853372
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Name Mr. Hartmut Zschiesche
Position Segment Manager Metallurgy
Phone 0049 3461 853385
Fax 0049 3461 853301
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Name Mr. Burghard Raasch
Position Project Engineer Engineering
Phone 0049 40 853121 294
Fax 0049 40 853121 250
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Name Mr. Antoni Tardio
Position Responsable Combustion Processes, Market Development ES
Phone 0034 93 4767400
Fax 0034 93 4767404
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  • Industrial gas, oxygen, technical gas etc.
  • oxygen-supply systems
  • oxyfuel burner systems for glass furnaces
  • small burners for glass treatment and forming
  • glass mould coating
  • crypton and xenon gas for insulation glass
  • oxy-fuel
  • oxy fuel boosting
  • oxy boosting
  • all oxy fuel

Glass Melting

Using oxygen to optimise glass melting processes and comply with increasingly strict legislation

melting glass with oxyfuel

Using oxygen instead of air in glass combustion processes offers a number of benefits. It eliminates the nitrogen ballast and therefore increases flame temperatures. Oxygen-enriched solutions also raise the concentration of CO2 and H2O in the vicinity of the flame. And since these gases are mainly responsible for thermal radiation, they make gas jets more efficient.

There are a variety of ways to increase combustion efficiency when melting glass. These include:
• All-oxyfuel
• Oxyfuel boosting
• Oxygen enrichment/lancing.

We offer a range of oxygen-based combustion solutions. These innovative technologies bring a host of benefits, including:

• Reduced emissions/CO2 footprint
• Energy savings
• Increased productivity
• Improved glass quality
• Elimination of nitrogen ballast
• Improved heat transfer.

Burner Technologies
Deployed correctly, burners help control heat input more accurately, improve glass circulation and enhance batch melting. You can combine our burners with oxygen lances to increase your melting capacity further. We offer a range of burners tailored to individual applications.

Supporting Services
We offer fast, efficient delivery and support services to keep your furnace running with virtually no interruptions and help prolong its service life. Our oxyfuel service also enables you to continue production during regenerator or recuperator repairs by eliminating the need for a heat recovery device.




Smart Glasses: Linde looks to the future

Smart glasses and augmented reality are helping to digitally transform the working culture at Linde by enabling instant access to expertise – whenever and wherever


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Linde expands production capacity in central Malaysia

Linde Malaysia, a member of the Linde Group, will invest €30m ($35m) to expand its gas and liquid production capacities to meet growing customer demands in central


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Linde to invest in a new air separation unit in East Malaysia

Linde Eastern Oxygen Sdn Bhd (Linde EOX) , a subsidiary of Linde Malaysia Sdn Bhd, today announced an investment of RM33 million (EUR 7.4 million) in Tanjung Kidurong to build an air separation unit (ASU) producing approximately 33 tonnes per day of


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Linde and LiSEC launch new glass coating technology to improve solar energy yields

Linde Gases, a division of The Linde Group, today announced the launch of S-COAT®, a highly innovative and cost effective anti-reflection (AR) coating technology which significantly increases light transmission values and resultant energy yields of


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  Filetype Filesize    
PDF 242672 Online Glass Engineering (OGE)
Process analysis in glass manufacturing.
PDF 342249 Improved glass quality and higher output
Mould surface-coating with CARBOFLAM
PDF 126327 Maximum flexibility and performance
With COROX®-I and II oxy-fuel burners
PDF 208584 Optimal glass treatment results
Gas pre-mixing with HYDROPOX®
PDF 551719 ECOVAR®– Standard on-site solutions
Gas technology that works for you - Linde Gas is in the business of making a difference in everything we do.
PDF 279696 Oxy-fuel boosting for maximum productivity
Enhanced heat transfer with COROX®-CGM
PDF 1863631 A step ahead in glass
Linde Gas – high standards combined with deep expertise - Getting ahead through innovation.
PDF 292753 Introduction - European Glass Seminar
PDF 898951 Refractory considerations for oxy-fuel furnaces
European Glass Seminar, A User’s Guide to Oxy-Fuel Furnace Crown Refractory Selection by John LeBlanc
PDF 1530920 Hot Spot Boosting of End Fired Container Furnaces
European Glass Seminar, Background on use of oxygen on glass tanks / installations / fundamentals
PDF 2806183 CGM™ Advanced Glass Melting
European Glass Seminar, Paper by Mr. Hans Mahrenholtz
PDF 2736509 Oxy Fuel Boosting of Sideport Furnaces
European Glass Seminar, Paper by Dr. Tom Barrow
PDF 3019791 CGM Modelling
European Glass Seminar, Paper by Claas Heymann
PDF 2144632 Reinforcement Fibreglass Technology
European Glass Seminar, Paper by Dick Marshall CGM’s Melting in Non-Boron Compositions
PDF 274464 Financial Considerations for Oxy-Fuel Melting in the Glass Industry
European Glass Seminar, Paper by Mr.Dick Marshall
PDF 2123738 ADSOSS®-O Containerized Oxygen VPSA Plants for the Glass Industry
European Glass Seminar, Paper by Mr. Michael Barrasso
PDF 1955043 Increased Productivity of Glass Forming Processes with HYDROPOX® and CARBOFLAM®
European Glass Seminar, Paper from Mr. Rainer Mieth, held by Mr. Mathias Görisch
PDF 2008914 Online Glass Engineering and Furnace Control System
European Glass Seminar, Paper by Mr. Nanhui Qi, GmbH
PDF 1624089 HYFINE™ Bubbling with Hydrogen and Oxygen
European Glass Seminar, Paper by Mr. Andrew (Andy) Richardson

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