Updated worldwide glass market study 2024 available now for flat, container glass and tableware

We have updated our international studies on flat glass, container glass and tableware for 2024.

This unique software provides a global overview about glass producers and technical details. Easy to use and clear tables summarize information and data about glass makers such as: Glass types: flat glass, container glass, tableware, production capacities in regions and countries, number of furnaces, furnace types, year of construction, glass types and sub-types, products, project information, special news and downloads.

Further databases supplying demoscopic data and import and export data complete the market survey. Based on these data, prepare individual country profiles with information about local production capacities, local market sizes and expected demand in the future.

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Updated container glass study 2024


Updated float glass study 2024


Further glass studies and reports 2024


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Contact Info

Address Ural Innovative Technologies
Bazhov Str., 87,
620075 Yekaterinburg
Country Russian Federation
Phone 007 343 3800232
Fax 007 343 3800237
Email Get in contact with Ural Innovative Technologies
Internet www.pm-ural.com

Contact Persons

Contact 1. Tatiana Potapova
Phone: 007 343 3800232
Fax: 007 343 3800237
Contact 2. Tanya Tarazanova

Products or Machinery

Chemical compounds
A great variety of precious metals chemical compounds are supplied for Russian and European markets, including Chloroplatinic Acid (CPA) in the form of crystal powder or solution; Palladium (II) chloride in the form of crystal powder or solution and other chemical compounds meeting Customer´s specification;

Semi-finished products
We offer high quality iridium semi -finished products such as:

  •  Rolled sheets with thickness of 0.1-10 mm
  •  Wire with diameters of 0.1 mm and more;
  •  Disks with diameters of 2-4 mm and thickness of 0.1-0.5 mm for defectoscopy and medical application

Cutting-edge technologies and modern machines, coupled with the UIT experienced and highly professional team make it possible to devise a complete cycle of production for a wide range of Iridium items meeting international quality standards as well as customized requests.
Platinum and platinum- based alloys products in different forms are also available.

Equipment for glass melting
UIT engineering research as well as positive extensive experience resulted in a real breakthrough in the technology of Platinum crucibles manufacturing for high-temperature processes, such as: optical and crystal glass manufacturing, , melting and the like.. The new technology allows to reduce platinum content in crucibles for high temperature processes from 3 to 5 times!

Platinum acts both as a heater during induction heating as well as a protective layer in case of corrosive environment. Corundum plasma-ceramic acts as a reinforcing surface; it reduces the platinum creep at high temperatures, even as high as 1600°C; and besides it allows to reduce the operating loss by more than 50% and energy consumption by 30% .

You can order our traditional platinum or alloyed platinum equipment or we can customize our articles meeting your requirements.)

Equipment for crystal growing
Iridium is considered to be a perfect container material for the following crystal growing processes – oxide single crystals of garnets, sapphires, La-Ga silicates, langotats. An operating temperature varies from 1500°C to 2100°C. The process takes place in a neutral or slightly oxidizing atmosphere in the course of several days and during oxide melt crystallization the crucible undergoes significant mechanical stresses. We produce Iridium welded cylindrical and conic crucibles , screens with diameters of 40 to 240 mm and height of 20 to 240 mm, holders and other equipment to be applied in these processes.

For lower temperature processes (from 800°C to 1350°C) with essential deformation of containers we offer platinum crucibles with special alloying.

Our company supplies sensitive elements (thermocouples) based on Pt alloys of high quality for accuracy in temperature measuring inside oxidizing and neutral gas environment.

Sensitive elements are applied in various industrial and scientific fields. They have several modifications depending on the type of the alloy Pt-PtRh10; Pt-PtRh13; PtRh6-PtRh30.

Ceramic products
High purity corundum features high – level properties that meet requirements of modern technology: high hardness, chemical inertness, high termal shock resistance. Plasma technology provides the material with low gas saturation (and low gas emission at high temperatures thereof), high mechanical strength and high precision in dimensions of ceramic items.

Plasma manufacturing technology enables production of ceramic items for various processes and applications, covers complicated designs such as bodies of rotation, composite and screw-thread models. Products can be produced in specific dimensions having special properties such as gas and vacuum density, various porosity, etc. Low gas saturation of the material allows crucible usage in vacuum equipment.

One of the most promising areas of corundum application is a brand-new material designed by the Engineering Department of PMU, which is a composite material based on corundum plasmaceramic resistant alloys – Corundum Armed Material (CAM).

CAM features both metal and ceramic properties. And it combines the best properties of both materials: electro conductivity, high corrosive resistance and mechanical strength. CAM demonstrates perfect heat resistance as well as chemical inertness in various environments and enhanced mechanical strength as compared to pure corundum. For these reasons, CAM can be successfully applied for manufacturing of tubes, crucibles, funnels and other constructive elements where high corrosive resistance related to high purity corundum materials as well as mechanical strength, vacuum density and obligatory capacity for induction and resistant heating are required. Electro conductive metal layer allows CAM to be applied for production of containers for induction or direct current heating of metals, powders and nonmetal materials not exposed to direct induction heating.

Our company offers our customers high-temperature solders based on platinum and palladium.
The solders are applied for soldering specific products including ceramic-precious metals soldering.

Company Background / History

“Urals’ Innovative Technologies” (UIT) company is fast-developing enterprise employing highly qualified and experienced staff and using cutting-edge technologies in its manufacturing activity.

The company has its own plant with purpose-made modern equipment, allowing to refine scraps and manufacture a wide range of products made of precious metals and plasmaceramics for various industrial areas, such as: automotive, glass-making, electrical, oil, chemical, nitric, jewelry, medical and others where platinum group metals, gold and silver are used. All the processes including chemical analyses are certified.