Company Updates

Zeytinburnu, Istanbul, Türkiye

Akdag Moulds and Machine Spare Parts

Mould Design Engineering, Glass Moulds, Engraving Services, Moulds for Press, Press & Blow, Stemware Lines, Spinning Processes, Twin Table, Borosilicate Glass and all types of related Machine Spare Parts inc. Mould Holders, among others. Plungers,...


Santa Lucía, Mexico (Extended Package)

ZENTRUM / Inzentrum SA de CV

Container Glass Packaging Corrugated plastic is an excellent option for packaging, it has greater resistance than cardboard. It is ideal for producing containers and boxes that provide solutions to different industries looking for returnable...


Berlin, Germany

CGC Capital-Gain Consultants GmbH

Do you operate a glass furnace? How do you reduce CO2 emissions from the carbonate reactions and from the fossil-based firing in the furnace? You might have evaluated your options for alternative firing. But the substitution of carbonates may...



Sencam Cam Kozmetik Ltd şti.

Our factory, which has the potential to produce 1.000.000 bottles per month since 2007, has completed all it´s works to realize a new project on 01/08/2009, taking into account the increasing demand in 2009. has exceeded it´s monthly production...


Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic

Salimi Glass

Glass bottle Glass Jar Safety Glass Laminate...


Guarnizo, Spain

ECOL Glass Machinery

AUTOMOTIVE GLASS - De-airing vacuum bag furnace - Washing machines for flat and curved glass - Auto packing machines for automotive sidelites - Drum for heated PVB - Windshield control lines - Stockers for flat & curved glass -...


St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Adamant Holding Company

Adamant is No. 1 Russian manufacturer of tempered glass and complex architectural double glass panes The Company ranks second in Russia among top manufacturers of double glass panes for residential...


Istanbul, Türkiye (Extended Package)

Wenfrod Glass

WENFROD operates under AYD GRUP GLASS INDUSTRY, offering innovative and sustainable glass production solutions as a leading brand. Our establishment is equipped with high-quality float glass production lines, providing flat glass of high standards...


Xuzhou City, Province Jiangsu, China (People´s Republic)

Xuzhou Guoyou Glass Products Co., Ltd.

My company produces more than 5000 varieties are: Honey glass bottle, glass bottle, glass bottle, jam, pickles, soy and vinegar, sesame oil, glass bottle, glass bottle glass bottles, beverage bottles, cans, glass bottles, glass bottle fermented bean...


Zanjan, Iran, Islamic Republic

Ana Shishe Zanjan Pvt. Ltd.

The Factory produces white glass bottles and jars in different sizes and types as per customer specifications. Sizes also 410 ml to 700...