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Institution, Facilities Colorado School of Mines
School Type University
Course Title MS-Metallurgical and Materials Engineering; ME-Metallurgical and Materials Engineering; PhD-Metallurgical and Materials Engineering;
Duration --
Degree MS, MEng, and Ph.D. degrees

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Address Colorado School of Mines
Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Office of Graduate Studies,
1500 Illinois St.
Golden, CO 80401-1887

Phone: 001 303 273-3000, (800-446-9488)
Fax: 001 303-273-3795


Strong materials engineering fundamentals ranging from the microscopic to the macroscopic scale.
MS, MEng, and Ph.D. degrees are offered in the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and stress the most advanced science and engineering principles important for understanding the processing and properties of materials.

The Metallurgical and Materials Engineering program can be tailored to match the student's interest while maintaining the main theme of materials engineering and processing.

There are three areas of specializations within the Department: Physical and Mechanical Metallurgy; Physicochemical Processing of Materials; and Ceramic Engineering. The Department is home to five research centers: the Advanced Coatings and Surface Engineering Laboratory, the Advanced Steel Processing and Products Research Center, the Colorado Center for Advanced Ceramics; the Center for Welding and Joining Research; and the Kroll Institute for Extractive Metallurgy.

Research Areas:
Synthesis, processing, and characterization of photovoltaic materials; Optical phenomena of interfaces and composites; High-Tc superconductors; Dielectrics and piezoelectrics;

Glasses and crystallizable glasses for electronics; Ferroelectrics and ferroelectric thin films; Porous ceramics and ceramic fibers; Combustion synthesis of advanced materials; Welding and joining of metals and dissimilar materials including ceramics and composites; Laser processing of materials; Physical metallurgy; Mechanical metallurgy; Processing microstructure, and properties of advanced steels; Oxidation and corrosion of metals and ceramics; Interfacial phenomena; Surface characterization of materials;

Composite materials; Preparation of ceramic powders; Mineral processing; Flotation and flocculation; Pyro-, hydro-, and electro-metallurgy; Processing of industrial wastes; Plasma synthesis and processing; Computer simulation techniques for design of new high-performance materials; Thin film coating, processing, and characterization;

Environmentally benign materials processes; Semiconductor materials; Powder metallurgy; Aerospace structural materials; Failure analysis and fracture mechanics of materials; Forming of metals and other materials; Fatigue of materials