VMA is specialized in designing and producing opto-electronic measuring and testing equipment for the glass industry, particularly thickness measuring equipment. Our equipment is designed in accordance with the special needs of our customers. They contain all necessary components for turn-key systems. Our engineers have been working in the glass industry for many years. Therefore we are familiar with the special questions for the testing of glass articles as well as the technological problems of glass manufacturing. Our strength is to provide our customers with a whole system of know-how. We are able to link our experiences with innovative solutions and sophisticated technologies.

Consultation Specialists in optics, electronics, software, handling and cooling with many years of experiences in the glass industry give you advice on the solution of your problems.

Analysis Together with your specialists we analyse your process and take down the layout of your plant for an optimisation of it.

Functional Specifications We give support in formulating functional specifications for a technically realizable and economically acceptable task.

Realization We solve your problem by combining and adapting our various products. Adaptation is done by variation of the optical, electronic, mechanical and cooling parameters. Software is produced for your solution individually.

Turnkey Systems We deliver, install, put the system into operation and train your operators and your service personnel. Technical Service A detailed documentation and the cooperation of our specialists with your maintenance personnel are good preconditions for a reliable and quick technical service.

Maintenance Service We offer a mobile after-sales-service, also with maintenance contract, if desired. In addition, we can check and calibrate your automation system regularly in order to realize your quality system.

Spare Part Service The main expendable parts we have on stock. Provision and production of spare parts are carried out as quick as possible.


Company VMA GmbH
Address Gräfinauer Straße 2
98693 Ilmenau
Country Germany
Phone 0049 36785 5870
Fax 0049 36785 58799
Email Email Contact
Internet www.vma-online.de
Year founded 1990

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Name Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Fred Vogler
Position Authorized Officer
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Name Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Nico Thomae
Position Managing director
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Name Mr. Sebastian Hollatz
Position Product Manager TMC
Phone 0049 36785 587 0
Fax 0049 36785 51225
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Name Mr. Raven Liu
Position Project Manager
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Supplier of Equipment for non-contact Measuring and Control Equipment, particularly non-contact Glass Thickness Measuring Sytems for Container Glass, Float Glass, Display Glass and Glass Tubes as well as a comprehensive Range of Instruments for the Automation of Glass Tube Manufacturing such as Defect Detection, Diameter Gauges, Sorting and Control Systems, Automatic Quartz Glass Resizing. A comprehensive range of inspection systems is available. Special emphasis is placed on non-contact thickness measuring instruments.

  • TMC - Thickness Measurement system for Container glass
  • TMF - Thickness Measurement system for Float glass
  • Special solutions (TC Tube Control, TMP Thickness measurement for Patterned glass, TMT Thickness measurement system for Tubular glass hot/cold, ODMT Outer Diameter Measurement for Tubular glass, Off-line systems a.o.)




VMA GmbH Launches New Corporate Identity

New logo. New website. Consistent


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VMA presents new wall thickness measurement device for container glass

Wiegand Glass Schleusingen successfully started operation of the new wall thickness measurement unit of VMA together with its first furnace at the new production


  • Hollow, Tableware, Technical Glass


Neues Wanddickenmessgerät der VMA für Behälterglas

Zusammen mit dem Produktionsstart der ersten Wanne im neuen WIEGAND Glaswerk Schleusingen, konnte die Firma VMA GmbH die Lieferung und Inbetriebnahme der ersten 12 TMC-FLX Wanddickenmessgeräte erfolgreich


  • Hollow, Tableware, Technical Glass


  Filetype Filesize    
PDF 1707048 TMC-FLX on-line thickness gauge
optoelectronic measurement of the thickness of glass vessel walls and evaluation of the glass distribution on-line and contact-free
PDF 2000437 TMC-FLX-C40 chromatic sensor
Measure the wall thickness of vessels with an extremely irregular shape, i.e. oval, rectangular or another complicated design
PDF 1568140 TMC-FLX-C46 chromatic sensor
The new TMC-FLX-C46 chromatic sensor system is a product of the systematic further development of the successful TMC-FLX-C40 and TMC-FLX-C54 systems
PDF 1873947 TMC-FLX-C54 chromatic sensor
Measurement of cylindrical or irregularly shaped vessels
PDF 353825 Thickness gauge - LabTMC®
Optoelectronic thickness measurement of transparent materials
PDF 2435766 TMF Thickness Measuring Equipment
TMF is a state-of-the-art measuring equipment for the on-line control of float glass lines. It is a laser based measuring instrument, comprising almost 30 years of experiences and latesttechnology at the same time.
PDF 1910282 Tube Control Measurement, Sorting Modular System for Glass Tube
Tube Control is a modular designed system of settled instruments and modules. It comprises measuring instruments for the tube dimensions, both for on-line measurement at the drawing line, for sample check and tube processing.
PDF 224726 On-line Dickenmessgerät TMC-FLX
Optoelektonische Messung der Wanddicke von Behälterglas und Beurteilung der Glasverteilung - on-line und berührungslos
PDF 198581 TMC-FLX-C40 chromatischer Sensor
Messung der Wandstärke extrem nicht-zylindrischer, d.h. ovaler, rechteckiger oder anderer komplizierter Behälter.
PDF 207592 TMC-FLX-C54 chromatischer Sensor
Dickenmessung zylindrischer und nicht-zylindrischer Behälter
PDF 183451 TMC-FLX-C46 chromatischer Sensor
Das neue chromatische Sensorsystem TMC-FLX-C46 ist eine konsequente Weiterentwicklung der erfolgreichen Systeme TMC-FLX-C40 und TMC-FLX-C54.
PDF 353366 Dickenmessgerät - LabTMC®
Optoelektronische Dickenmessung transparenter Werkstoffe
PDF 4353409 TMF Dickenmessgerät für Flachglas
TMF ist ein Messgerät für die online Kontrolle der Glasdicke an Floatglaslinien oder ähnlichen Anlagen zur Herstellung von Flachglas
PDF 746245 Tube Control Messen, Sortieren, Regeln modulares System für die Glasrohrherstellung
Tube Control ist ein modular aufgebautes, aufeinander abgestimmtes System. Es umfasst Geräte zum Messen der Rohrdimensionen sowohl on-line am Rohrzug, im Rahmen von Stichprobenprüfungen an Rohrabschnitten oder während der Weiterverarbeitung von Rohren
PDF 1700546 Appareil de mesure d´épaisseur en ligne TMC-FLX
Mesure photoélectronique de l´épaisseur de paroi de verre de conteneur et jugement de la répartition du verre | en ligne et sans contact
PDF 2004993 Détecteur chromatique TMC-FLX-C40
Mesurer l´épaisseur de paroi de conteneurs absolument non cylindriques, à savoir ovales, ou tout autre type de conteneur de forme compliquée
PDF 1875227 Détecteur chromatique TMC-FLX-C54
Mesurer des conteneurs cylindriques ou non cylindriques
PDF 1573050 Détecteur chromatique TMC-FLX-C46
Le nouveau système de capteur chromatique TMC-FLX-C46 est le perfectionnement logique des systèmes à succès TMC-FLX-C40 et TMC-FLX-C54
PDF 355277 Jauge d´épaisseur - LabTMC®
Mesure d´épaisseur optoélectronique de matériaux transparents
PDF 226882 Misuratore di spessore online TMC-FLX
Misurazione optoelettronica dello spessore della parete di contenitori in vetro e valutazione della distribuzione del vetro | online e senza contatto
PDF 2010668 Sensore cromatico TMC-FLX-C40
Misurare lo spessore della parete di contenitori dalle svariate forme eccetto che cilindrici, ovvero, ellittici, rettangolari o di altra struttura complessa
PDF 184086 Sensore cromatico TMC-FLX-C46
Il nuovo sistema di sensori cromatici TMC-FLX-C46 rappresenta la versione aggiornata dei sistemi comprovati TMC-FLX-C40 e TMC-FLX-C54
PDF 1872464 Sensore cromatico TMC-FLX-C54
Misurare contenitori cilindrici e non
PDF 354470 Misuratore di spessore - LabTMC®
Misurazione di spessore optoelettronica di materiali trasparenti
PDF 1708455 Medidor de espesores en línea TMC-FLX
Medición optoelectrónica del espesor de pared de recipientes de vidrio y evaluación de la distribución del vidrio, en línea y sin contacto
PDF 2000398 Sensor cromático TMC-FLX-C40
Medir el espesor de pared de recipientes de formas extremadamente no cilíndricas, es decir, ovaladas, rectangulares o con otras geometrías complejas
PDF 1881004 Sensor cromático TMC-FLX-C54
Medir recipientes cilíndricos o no cilíndricos
PDF 1574495 Sensor cromático TMC-FLX-C46
El nuevo sistema sensor cromático TMC-FLX-C46 es fruto del perfeccionamiento consecuente de los exitosos sistemas TMC-FLX-C40 y TMC-FLX-C54
PDF 354294 Medidor de espesores LabTMC®
Medición optoelectrónica de espesores de materiales transparentes
PDF 356485 在线测厚仪TMC-FLX
光电测量玻璃容器壁厚及判断玻璃分布 | 在线非接触式
PDF 316895 TMC-FLX-C40色差传感器
PDF 323494 TMC-FLX-C54色差传感器
PDF 304185 TMC-FLX-C46色差传感器
新款色差传感器系统TMC-FLX-C46是对业已成功的TMC-FLX-C40和TMC-FLX-C54系统 的进一步开发
PDF 473653 测厚仪 - LabTMC®
PDF 1746107 Толщиномер TMC-FLX с онлайн-подключением
оптоэлектронное измерение толщины стенок стеклотары и оценка структуры стекла | в режиме онлайн и бесконтактным способом
PDF 1920554 Хроматический сенсор TMC-FLX-C54
Хотите измерить толщину стенок у емкостей цилиндрической или не цилиндрической формы ?
PDF 2049827 Хроматический сенсор TMC-FLX-C40
Хотите измерить толщину стенок у емкостей абсолютно не цилиндрической (овальной, прямоугольной или др.) формы?
PDF 1614666 Хроматический сенсор TMC-FLX-C46
Новая хроматическая сенсорная система TMC-FLX-C46 является модификацией успешно зарекомендовавших себя систем TMC-FLX-C40 и TMC-FLX-C54.
PDF 472922 Толщиномер - LabTMC®
оптоэлектронное измерение толщины прозрачных материалов
PDF 1747333 Grubościomierz online TMC-FLX
Optoelektoniczny pomiar grubości ścian pojemników szklanych i ocena grubości szkła | w trybie online i w sposób bezdotykowy
PDF 266031 Czujnik chromatyczny TMC-FLX-C46
Nowy chromatyczny system czujnikowy TMC-FLX-C46 jest efektem konsekwentnego rozwoju udanych systemów TMC-FLX-C40 i TMC-FLX-C54.
PDF 2032822 Czujnik chromatyczny TMC-FLX-C40
Czy chcesz wykonywać pomiary grubości ścian pojemników o skrajnie niecylindrycznym kształcie, tzn. owalnych, prostokątnych lub innych pojemników o skomplikowanych kształtach?
PDF 1906259 Czujnik chromatyczny TMC-FLX-C54
Czy chcesz wykonywać pomiary cylindrycznych lub niecylindrycznych pojemników?
PDF 449907 Grubościomierz - LabTMC®
Optoelektroniczny pomiar grubości tworzyw przezroczystych
PDF 1737617 جھاز قياس السُمك عبر الإنترنت TMC-FLX
القياس الإلكتروضوئي لسُمك جدار زجاج الوعاء وتقييم توزيع الزجاج | عبر الإنترنت وبلا ملامسة
PDF 2054748 مستشعر لوني TMC-FLX-C40
الأسطوانية بدرجة كبيرة، أي الأوعية البيضاوية أو المستطيلة أو الأنواع الأخرى المعقدة؟ باستخدام نظام
PDF 1603354 مستشعر لوني TMC-FLX-C46
نظام الاستشعار اللوني الجديد TMC-FLX-يمثل تطويرا إضافيا متناغما للأنظمة الناجحة 46 TMC-FLX-C و 40 TMC-FLXC54.
PDF 288396 مستشعر لوني TMC-FLX-C54
تريد قياس الأوعية الأسطوانية أو غير الأسطوانية؟ نظرا لتطويره على أساس نظام TMC-FLX-C40 الناجح، فإن ھذا النظام يمكن أن يعمل بلا مشاكل مع نظام الاستشعار TMC-FLX-C54.
PDF 430939 جھاز قياس السُمك LabTMC®
القياس الإلكتروضوئي لسُمك الخامات الشفافة

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The company VMA GmbH offers its products and services in the area of Inspection systems for glass tubes, measurement, Non-Contact Wallthickness measurement, Optical Inspection, Optical Inspection Equipment

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