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Product Info

Product Name

AMC Drive system, Futronic GPS Bosch Lenze

Date 20.10.2021
Type of trade for Sale
Category Machines & Tools, Production Machines - Moulds
Manufacturer FUTRONIC , GPS , Bosch
Type / Serial No. AMC
Quantity 1
Location Germany
Short Description AMC Motor Drive system with Bosch Amplifier and Bosch motors. We have a few of this systems with up to 6 drives available. There is also one system with Lenze drives. Please ask for details.

Files & Pictures

Picture Description Type Size  
2021216121944-0912.jpg JPG 75,984 byte open
2021216122023-0791.jpg JPG 133,937 byte open
2021216122023-0286.jpg JPG 149,718 byte open
2021216122024-0867.jpg JPG 154,735 byte open
2021216122024-0609.jpg JPG 140,533 byte open
2021216122025-0814.jpg JPG 88,217 byte open
2021216122036-0758.jpg JPG 88,384 byte open
2021216122046-0183.jpg JPG 106,208 byte open
2021216122057-0192.jpg JPG 66,180 byte open
2021216122143-0770.jpg JPG 91,760 byte open
2021216122153-0813.jpg JPG 247,998 byte open
2021216122154-0018.jpg JPG 197,608 byte open
2021216122205-0143.jpg JPG 337,530 byte open
2021216122340-0072.jpg JPG 115,634 byte open
2021216122340-0706.jpg JPG 133,658 byte open
2021216122341-0536.jpg JPG 129,931 byte open

Price & Delivery

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Contact Info

Company Siegler Hohlglasservice
Address Wiesenfurt 45a
97833 Frammersbach
0049 9355 7163
0049 9355 7597
Contact Person Mr. Alfred Siegler
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