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Container Glass Maker in Central Africa schedules furnace repair

The company has announced that they intend to repair their 110 tpd container glass furnace and to expand some


    Feasibility study for invest in Container glass factory in Eastern Europe

    The company is interested in building a greenfield factory with 2 glass melting furnaces and 6 production lines. Products will be food and beverage container for Eastern Europe region,


      European specialty glass maker to expand glass factory in Central Europe

      The investment of the company is set to over 20 million Euro for modernization of the plant and furnace


        West European flat glass processing company to open a factory for aluminum windows and facades with 50 jobs

        The company with a size of 27,000 sqm is dedicated to the processing of flat glass, curved glass etc. The investment given is approx 15 million Euro. Production start is scheduled for February


          FiberGlass Project discussed in Russian Republic

          During a high ranked meeting of politicians of rhe Russian Republic, a project to build an automated plant for glass fiber and technical textiles for composite materials was discussed. Investment is scheduled with approx. 4.5 million


            North American company to build flat glass processing line

            The company has announced total investment of $1,355,000 for insulated glass


              Eastern European container glass maker to double furnace capacity in 2019

              The company had announced increase of the capacity of one of its furnaces from 180 tpd to 390 tpd, changing furnace technology and including state-of-the-art environmental


                Multinational float glass maker setting up glass unit in India

                The company has announced an investment of approx 260 million Euro for a float glass factory (domestic construction and


                  European glass maker to expand container glass factory in Central Europe

                  The company announced an investment of over 53 million Euro. 1 furnace will be added to the location, 1 furnace will undergo a cold repair. Schedule is by early


                    Float glass maker announced repair of furnace in Central Europe

                    The company announced a double-digit million Euro repair at one of its locations to execute a scheduled cold repair. The furnace in question was built in 2008 with a capacity of 850


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