Vesuvius France S.A.
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Float Glass Brochure
VESUVIUS is a worldwide supplier to the major Flat Glass producers through development of fused silica products and shapes suitable for even the most modern float glass furnaces. Products include tweels, flat arches, screens, shadow walls, lips, toe blocks, dross box, lift-out and lehr rolls.
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ZYAROCK® glass tempering rolls
Vesuvius is the worldwide leading supplier of ceramic rolls to the global glass tempering industry. With three manufacturing platforms we serve the market. Continuous innovation and product improvement, consistent product performance and unmatched service make Vesuvius the preferred Partner of Choice for the leading tempering furnace builders and glass tempering companies.
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Container Glass Brochure
VESUVIUS manufactures a full range of fused silica products for forehearth assemblies including channel blocks and feeder expendables for use with borosilicate, opal, and vitro ceramic glasses.
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SOLAR® Crucibles Brochure
VESUVIUS Fused Silica SOLAR® Crucibles manufactured worldwide ensure a continuous supply source from our ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certified plants.
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Classic SOLAR® Crucibles Leaflet
CLASSIC SOLAR® Crucibles are the optimum choice for growing your virgin polysilicon feedstock.
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INTENSE SOLAR® Crucibles Leaflet
INTENSE SOLAR® Crucibles for use in extreme operating conditions.
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ZYAROCK® glass tempering rolls
Powerpoint Presentation 2016
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ZYAROCK tempering rolls
Powerpoint Presentation 2016 - Variety with system
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ZYAROCK® glass tempering rolls
- Smartly Driven® end cap attachment system
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ZYAROCK ® lehr & lift -out rollers
Flat glass annealing & conveying at its best
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ZYAROCK ® flat arch
Hot stability, rigidity and no expansion for perfect canal sealing
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ZYAROCK ® tweel
Expert technology and service for first class float glass makers
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