Pieper GmbH


  • is a vendor- independent provider of turnkey industrial video systems / security systems
  • is made up of a highly-qualified team with the right enthusiasm for new challenges
  • offers over 40 years of experience in the planning, development, installation, commissioning and maintenance of individual complete systems – all over the world
  • is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, SCC and ATEX RL 94/9/EC
  • is represented nationally with branch offices in Berlin, Cottbus, Dusseldorf and Gera and a head office in Schwerte
  • is represented internationally through partnerships and cooperation agreements in Egypt, India, Saudi-Arabia, Switzerland, Turkey, the Ukraine and in the P.R. China (among others)

Range of services
PIEPER GmbH develops, constructs, manufactures and installs complete video systems, security systems and image processing systems for all conceivable applications

  • Public buildings / facilities
  • Passenger and freight traffic
  • Logistics companies / Transport operators
  • Energy supply companies
  • Power stations
  • Steel industry
  • Glass production
  • Cement processing
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Waste recycling


  • Client-orientated on-site consultation
  • Vendor-independent
  • Use of professional CAD systems
  • 3D simulations
  • Reproduction of complex project scenarios
  • Client-specific creation of documents


  • Internal development and production
  • Own software development department
  • Specialists are on hand for construction, mechanics and installation
  • Specialists are on hand to assist with electronic technology/video technology and digital image processing
  • Procedures in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001

Global training and services

  • Internal training rooms
  • Certified, multilingual seminar hosts
  • On-site training on our company premises
  • Plant-specific training
  • Supervising and building inspection management
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Turnkey creation of plant and equipment (turnkey)
  • After sales service – Spare parts logistics, servicing, inspection

System vendor
PIEPER GmbH is a system vendor for general and industrial video technology in the field of security and monitoring as well as in relation to industrial applications relating to quality controls and process controlling. The main products that we supply are:

  • Combustion chamber video technology for the visual monitoring of processes at temperature ranges of up to 2,400 °C
  • Video and management systems for mass transport systems and airports
  • Industrial video systems for production controls

Special technologies such as digital image processing, communication and data technology, network technology, access control systems and building management systems for securing open land are as much part of the range as all accessory components which build upon existing systems. Our company philosophy is solely based around offering the user one stop system solutions that are both complete, and can handle future requirements.

1968 - Foundation of PIEPER KG in Dortmund / Foundation of a branch office in Dusseldorf.
1972 - A new building was opened in Schwerte, featuring offices, a production facility and warehousing.
1979 - PIEPER GmbH was founded and the business activities of PIEPER KG were taken over. Dipl.-Ing. Wolfram B. Arndt became the Managing Director.
1990 - The Gera branch office was founded.
1994 - The Berlin branch office was founded.
1996 - Certification of the Quality Management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.
2004 - PIEPER GmbH is selected as a Q1 supplier of Deutsche Bahn AG.
2009 - Development of equipment and production in accordance with ATEX RL 94/9/EC. Certification in accordance with SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors). Dipl.-Ing. Thorsten Wulff becomes the second Managing Director of PIEPER GmbH.
2010 - The Cottbus branch office was founded. Pieper GmbH was acquired by Moog, Inc., opening up new specialist areas. Dipl.-Ing. Thorsten Wulff and Michael A. Peters become Managing Directors.

Since its foundation, the PIEPER name has stood for continuity, customer satisfaction and innovation in the field of industrial video technology, security technology and process technology. It is not only our aim to uphold this quality standard but, in dialogue with you, to continue improving it and develop it further.


Company Pieper GmbH
Address Binnerheide 33
58239 Schwerte
Country Germany
Phone 0049 2304 4701 0
Fax 0049 2304 4701 77
Email Email Contact
Internet www.pieper-video.de
Employees 70
Turnover 10.000.000 US$
Certificates DIN EN ISO 9001, SCC und ATEX RL 94/9/EC
Year founded 1968

Contact Info

Name Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Thorsten Wulff
Position Managing Director
Phone +49 2304 4701 0
Fax +49 2304 4701 77
Email Email Contact
Name Mr. Thomas Lampe
Position General Manager
Phone +49 2304 4701 0
Fax +49 2304 4701 77
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Supplier for industrial CCTV systems suitable for high temperature ranges of up to 2400°C, transmission systems, digital image processing
Products in detail:
  • CCTV CCD cameras (monochrome and colour)
  • Low light level and night vision CCTV cameras
  • Furnace CCTV video cameras and special furnace lenses
  • Video monitors, data displays, lenses, video accessories
  • Multifunctional camera terminal boxes
  • Pan/tilt heads and control systems
  • Explosion-proof pan/tilt heads
  • Dome camera housings
  • Camera protective housings in standard and special steel versions
  • Air-cooled camera protective housings
  • Water-cooled camera protective housings
  • Camera protective housings with Peltier element cooling
  • Camera protective housings for areas subject to explosion hazard
  • Water/air-cooled furnace probes
  • Automatic retraction devices
  • Cooling media control cabinets
  • Hard disc equipment, video long-time recorders
  • Video crossbars, multiplexers, splitters
  • Transmission systems for video, audio and data
  • coaxial, 2-wire, infrared, radio, microwaves, optical fibre, ATM, Ethernet, ISDN
  • Professional audio and video technology
  • Audiovisual complete systems for universities, education and training centres
  • 3D-video and computer graphics
  • Communication and data technology
  • Digital image processing
  • Video measuring technology
  • Access control systems
  • Digital pedestrian counting systems
  • Fence and outdoor security systems
  • Microwave security systems

Furnace CCTV systems in the glass industry

Control and monitor glass production - from the feeder and the melter to the conditioner. View the toproller marks in the bath, waist and glass exit: PIEPER´s television systems show you all the major stages of production.

Digital process systems assure automatic tweel control and electronic width measurement, and PIEPER´s UV-sensitive probe systems allow for flames to be precisely assessed.

For the production of flat glass, toproller adjustment and positions are of paramount importance. Whilst, with conventional CCTV technology, the float bath is controlled by using up to twenty standard furnace cameras, the OPZ system technology developed by PIEPER GmbH allows for that number to be drastically reduced (abt. half).

That innovative and cost-cutting progress has been made possible by a new furnace lens design and the use of advanced and sophisticated CCD cameras with digital process and position control: Owing to the revolutionary OPZ technology, only one camera is required to precisely control the positions of two toprollers.

The furnace cameras´ horizontal angle of image can be remotely controlled from the control station, in a range of 60°C in total (+45°C to -15°C). In addition, the image position can be selected via an electronic 4-fold zoom, so that the tracking marks, glass distance and other details can be precisely recorded and assessed.

The development and introduction of PIEPER GmbH´s OPZ system technologies is an important step into future, strengthening and expanding the company´s leading position in the international market of furnace television technology.



Radial Megapixel Lens for Crystal Clear Images

PIEPER develops new lens for precise monitoring of float bath applications in the glass


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The company Pieper GmbH offers its products and services in the area of Camera-Inspection Systems, Flame/furnace monitoring system, Optical Melting Control

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