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Driven by the motto "With Love From Istanbul", Paşabahçe exhibited its brand new, innovative products and inspiring collections on a stunning area of 657 m2 at Ambiente, the largest houseware fair organized in Messe Frankfurt.

Born in Istanbul, reaching out to customers in 145 countries worldwide, Paşabahçe exhibited its brand new products and collections curated with inspiration from the consumers to facilitate the lives of people at the world's largest houseware fair, Ambiente, organized in Frankfurt, Germany. Paşabahçe booth featured the brand new functional products that make a difference and stand out with their design this year, as well. The booth sparked huge enthusiasm among the visitors with the launch of hundreds of brand new innovative products. 

Designed by the award-winning architecture company Demirden Design, the Paşabahçe booth spans on an area of 657 m2. The booth introduced dozens of collections for household and hospitality sectors, , alongside interesting concepts and areas of experience. 

Exhibited by Paşabahçe at Ambiente, the Napa goblets feature the impeccably tapering bowls, standing out with elegance and endurance, while the soft and curvy Veneto collection of five different sizes of glassthat fit gently into the hands, offers the most pleasurable dinners and parties with a stylish but simple design.

Paşabahçe expanded the award-winning Elysia collection, which has recently stood out the most with its crystal-cut look and retro feeling. The 4 new members of the collection, are not only a perfect fit for the hands, but also reflect the light superbly.

A brand new collection consisting of 3 glasses with delicate leaf patterns, Leafy collection add a novel touch to the tables. The base is larger than the top in these glasses, which stand out with elegance. As the most dynamic and youngest member of the dinner tables, the Leafy collection make an indelible impression with their design.

Also exhibited at the fair, the Highness collection has an elegant, stylish and delicate appeal with a design tailored for those with the most sensitive of all the palates, while the Hill series stand out with a stackable structure and will be indispensable during any conversation.

As one of the most chic collections of all times with its timeless elegance, the Timeless will always be a must-have with its familiarity and classical appearance. The robust full-bodied Amber collection offer a more distinct feel of the taste with its tapering structure, from the base to top, and a more satisfactory drinking experience.

The elegant yet practical Nova, draws attention with its new member, a gentle, elegant and delicate glass while the Miss tea glasses create a truly classical portrait in all aspects.

The new plate collection of Paşabahçe, Estrella, consists of 5 products with a stunning star design and adds an elegant shine to the tables. The biggest product of the series, the salad bowl stands out with the way it shines, while sauces are served in another bowl alongside the salads and other cold dishes to accompany the main course.

Being the most popular serving collection around the world, Paşabahçe’s Patisserie collection is also expanded with brand new products. Designed especially for parties and family gatherings, the Petite Patisserie consists of a medium-size footed serving platter and a dome. Named after the famous chocolate, the Madlen consists of 4 different sizes of items featuring a sun pattern.

Inspired by the lavinia flower, the crystalline Lavinia bowl make dinner tables shine, while the new crystalline products Facade and  Pleats will be the new face of the desserts and snacks.

The one and only Tokio series, with its simple and practical design, features brand new small and medium serving plates will be the perfect choice for sauces, mezze and steamed veggies.

Amphora, with its  3 decanters, which will be the most favorite item in the kitchens and dinner tables with a minimalistic and elegant design. 

Consisting of 2 large and medium bottles, the Iconic evokes a feeling of satisfying thirst with unprecedented and smart patterns.

Snowbox promises to be the best assistant in the kitchens. It not only makes sure to keep your food fresh with its 3 different sizes and its blue and green lid color options, but also doesn't take up much space thanks to the stackable structure.

Consisting of 3 transparent glass containers with lids, the Plus series keeps your food fresh with practical options, but also stands out with its design.

Easy to use, easy to store Chef’s bowls with their robust lids in dark blue and white, make sure that the remainders from the dinner will keep fresh in the fridge 

Lockie Lock containers are not only for the kitchen, but also for your take-aways to school, office and anywhere. It will add colors and convenience to your life.

A new product, the Bella Grafitti is a great option for storing legumes with jars made of robust and transparent glass.

Standing out with bamboo lids, the Woody  jars offer decoration options for bedrooms and bathrooms as well, not only for kitchens. The most convenient option especially for storing your jam and pickles, the Harvest will, once again, be the best option for your winter preparations thanks to its water-prood lids.

Last year’s star Borcam Non-Stick collection now includes 6 new products. Characterized mainly by the black and white colors, Borcam Non-Stick cake molds and pans are perfect for healthy cooking as their special coating eliminates the need to oil the pan at all. 

Designed for those looking for harmony in the kitchen, the Zestglass consist of 7 items including 4 medium and small bowls, 2 bottles to store olive oil and vinegar, and a cruet.

4 new concepts with new patterns and colors were introduced in the Trends and Colors category based on the trends of this year.


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