Forma Glas GmbH

Production lines for

  • Stemware production
  • Tumbler production
  • Vases and bowls
  • Press glass lines
  • Ophthalmic lenses
  • Car headlights
  • Thermos flasks
  • Laboratory glass articles
  • Lamp bulbs

Glass processing machines

  • Blowing machines IBS with 8 up to 32 stations for the production of stemware bowls,
    • tumblers, laboratory articles, lamp bulbs, thermos flasks, vases and bowls etc.
    • up to 60pc. /min.
    • Presses type RPH with 8 up to 20 stations hydraulic or servo for the production of stems for stemware (with bottom), ophthalmic lenses and smaller pressed glass articles.
    • Double stations presses up to 14 double stations (ISP 14/2)
    • Presses type RPH, hydraulic or servo, with 6 up to 16 stations for the production of
    • pressed table glassware.
    • Presses for the production of technical glass (car headlights)

Cold processing machines

  • Automatic crack-off, grinding and polishing machine type ASA with 15, 30 or 45 stations for the finishing in standard cut-off process or laser cutting.
  • Washing and drying belt
  • Fire polishing machine
  • Tableware inspection machine

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