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For more than 30 years SVA Industrie Fernseh GmbH is working at the field of firing chamber monitoring systems. Our cameras are needed for different operative ranges world wide glass industry, float glass industry, steel industry, cement industry, garbage incinerating plants, and utility industry.

By permanent monitoring of the hot area, progresses can be carried out better and with less environment load. Spoilage production can be reduced to a minimum.

In addition to the chamber monitoring SVA is engaged in the field of professional video monitoring technology. Digital visual recording and image processing can be used as well as matrix control for the complete monitoring of the plant.


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Year founded 1970
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Application Container Ware
Although there are extensive operation controls in the container ware furnaces, the picture of the firing chamber camera gives numerous information’s about the condition of the glass batch and the bubble adjustment. With the evaluation of quick-motion – known as time-lapse study- the glass batch fusion can be monitored exactly and steered correspondingly. The position of the flame can be optimised, so that the consumption of the combustion material is undermined and damages of the refractory material are avoidable.

In the container ware industry which is equipped with our products the following areas are monitored from the control room
  • supply of the raw material
  • glass batch tower
  • burner courses
  • furnace
  • conveying belt
  • loading place

High Speed Systems:
With the electronic shot of a high speed system –which usually is too fast for the human eye- the production process can be visualized by replay in extreme slow-motion. Defects can be monitored exactly (glass dropping machine).


  • Thermo vision (heat picture) for recognition of hotspots on the siege of the furnace
  • The roofs and the feeder
  • High-resolution photographic picture of the interior space of the furnace
  • Video inspection of the furnace and feeder
  • Further special ranges of application on enquiry
Application Float glass
Regarding the float glass production it is primarily a matter of extremely high precision. The smallest changes in the furnace or bath show results in the quality of the product. Therefore it is important to monitor the production processes so exactly as possible, without influencing these processes.
Following ranges can be monitored with our systems from the control room:
  • supply of the raw material
  • glass batch house
  • burner courses
  • firing chamber monitoring of the furnace
  • spruit with internal and external housing
  • top rolls with internal water-cooled angle probes
  • carbon pusher, water fence
  • exit end
  • float hall
  • loading place

Measurement of the glass breadth:
With two cameras in the exit end area which are connected by a motion it is possible to determine the glass breadth exactly including the visual monitoring. The analysed signal can be used for the steering.


  • Thermo vision (heat pictures) of the furnace, the furnace roof, doghouse and
  • tin bath in order to recognize the hot spots
  • High-resolution photography of the interior space of the furnace.
  • Video inspection of furnace and bath
  • Slow motion inspection pictures of the tin bath with probes up to 4 m length.


  Filetype Filesize    
PDF 391300 Thermal Imaging / Top Roll Camera Module
Thermal imaging is a very effective, preventive method to discover soft spots at the oven and its technical components and assemblies
JPG 17440 Feuerraumsonden
4–Kammer–wassergekühltes Sondengehäuse aus VA für verschiedene Einsatzbereiche entsprechend in verschiedenen Ausführungen lieferbar.
JPG 20160 Toprollenkamerasupport
Halbautomatische Trägervorrichtung zur Aufnahme der Toprollenkamera
JPG 13952 Feuerraumsonden für mobilen Einsatz
4–Kammer–wassergekühltes Sondengehäuse aus VA für den mobilen Einsatz zur Durchführung von Inspektionen
JPG 17440 Furnace probe with camera support
4- chamber water-cooled probe housing made of stainless steel, available in different execution according to operative range.
Semiautomatic supporting device for installation of the top roll camera
4- chamber water- cooled probe housing - mobile use for inspections

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