Pneumofore S.p.A., Vacuum Pumps and Air Compressors

Pneumofore manufactures and provides full solutions for the supply of compressed air and vacuum in industrial plants worldwide. Specialized in rotary vane technology since 1923, Pneumofore offers professional expertise and international service over a wide range of integrated products for each customer´s needs. Constantly focused on minimal life cycle costs, Pneumofore has become the leader in centralized vacuum systems specially designed for the glass industry and IS machines.

Pneumofore creates, develops, manufactures, installs and services its own innovative products while setting the standard for high efficiency, high air purity, reliability and longevity.

Main Features of Pneumofore Products

Pneumofore engineers creates original solutions, providing the market standards of tomorrow from extreme climates designed compressors to the largest air-cooled rotary vane pump in the world.

  • Durability: rotary vane vacuum pumps and compressors sturdy constructed for 24 h operation and equipped with aluminum vanes
  • Energy and Cost Saving: a full range of air-cooled machines with the variable speed option, for the lowest Life Cycle Cost and the best return of investment
  • Easy to install: “Plug and Play” units with no need of foundation or water connection
  • Environment friendly: solutions that guarantee the lowest power consumption, no coolant vapor, reduced noise and no water waste, without compromise on efficiency.

Customer Satisfaction
Pneumofore customers range from small manufacturing plants to large multinational enterprises. From process specifications throughout layout and definition, installation, commissioning, operation and long-term maintenance needs, Pneumofore assists customers at every step.

As solution provider, Pneumofore provides engineering support to all clients for each application. Individual analysis and system design ensure the choice of the right products and the best technical result. Pneumofore also offers a complete after-market support for evaluation, maintenance, spare parts delivery and on- or offsite repair and overhaul.

Worldwide Distribution and Presence
With more than 30.000 units worldwide, Pneumofore machines and service can reach any country, thanks to an extensive distributor and after-sales network covering the entire international market. Our references in the glass industry include: O-I, Saint Gobain, Altajir, HNGI, Sisecam and many more.


Company Pneumofore S.p.A.
Vacuum Pumps and Air Compressors
Address Via Natale Bruno, 34
10098 Rivoli
Country Italy
Phone 0039 011 950 40 30
Fax 0039 011 950 40 40
Email Email Contact
Employees 50 - 60
Turnover 10 mio EURO
Certificates UNI EN ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
Year founded 1923
Export Rate 75 %

Contact Info

Name Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Hilfiker
Position CEO
Phone 0039 011 950 40 30
Fax 0039 011 950 40 40
Email Email Contact
Name Mr. Kardosh Amin
Position Sales Consultant USA
Email Email Contact
Skype pn_amin
Name Mr. Rolf Hilfiker
Phone +39 011 950 40 30
Fax +39 011 950 40 40
Email Email Contact
Skype pn_amin
Name Mr. Francesco Amati
Position Sales Engineer
Phone +39 011 950 40 30
Fax +39 011 950 40 40
Email Email Contact
Skype pn_francesco
Name Ms. Anastasiia Bratash
Position Area Sales Manager
Phone +39 011 950 40 30
Fax +39 011 950 40 40
Email Email Contact
Skype pn_anastasia


Leader in vacuum systems for IS machines, Pneumofore developed the largest air-cooled single stage rotary vane vacuum pump worldwide, the UV50.


To accommodate any customer need or application requirement, we offer different technologies in a wide capacity range.

Pneumofore Rotary Vane Pumps and Compressors lead the market in energy savings: their design ensure long-term efficiency and the cost reduction of maintenance.

Specific solutions can be delivered for most demanding projects to ensure faster ROI or short-term installations. All products are in compliance with CE norms (European Community) and are available for any combination of voltage and frequency.

Vacuum Pumps

  • Sliding vane, single-stage, coolant lubricated, from 2 to 2.700 m3/h at 50 Hz and 0,5 mbar(a) residual pressure; from 2,5 to 3.240 m3/h at 60 Hz and 0,5 mbar(a) residual pressure;
  •  Sliding vane, single-stage, coolant free, from 3 to 140 m3/h at 50 Hz and 120 mbar(a) residual pressure; from 3,3 to 160 m3/h at 60 Hz and 120 mbar(a) residual pressure.

Air Compressors

  •  Sliding vane, single-stage, coolant lubricated: at 50 Hz, from 5,5 to 200 kW, from 65 to 1.720 m3/h, operative pressure up to 10 bar(g); at 60 Hz, from 6,5 to 230 kW, from 74 to 2.037 m3/h, operative pressure up to 10 bar(g).

Accessories for Vacuum

  • Demister Filters for separation of oil mist / graphite lubricant coming from the moulds on the IS machines, capacity up to 5100 m3/h;
  • Vacuum Receivers, volume up to 10 m3.

Accessories for Compressed Air

  • Fridge Dryers, capacity from 12 to 10.800 m3/h;
  • Adsorption and high pressure Dryers, on request;
  • Filters, capacity from 31,8 to 27.000 m3/h with residual coolant content down to 0,003 mg/m3;
  • Air Receivers, tested according to CE regulation, volume up to 10 m3.

Complete customer satisfaction regarding Spare Parts and Maintenance.
Assistance and troubleshooting is guaranteed through a dedicated division of Pneumofore with trained and experienced professionals.
Service Centers available on 5 continents.

The Pneumofore Engineering Team calculates the pneumatic system layout with all devices from the pump / compressor room to the spot of application. Available for consulting and customer support to respond to case-specific requirements. For new systems, please refer to the "Preliminary Specifications" in the download section.



Glassman Latin America 2015: Pneumofore review

Exact vacuum and pressure level are mandatory to keep a low rejection rate due to severe quality inspection. Optimized moulding with attention to speed, but more to quality, is typical for small to mid-sized glass  more...

Meet Pneumofore at Vitrum 2015

Vitrum 2015 in Milan is the traditional Italian event for the glass industry, mainly flat glass. Pneumofore participates with the booth D13 in hall 22. On Thursday 8 October Eng. Francesco Amati, Sales Manager, will hold the presentation ´Hollow  more...

Increased use of vacuum in glass moulding

The global glass community is reshaping to face the tough competition by other container solutions. The cost of hollow glass products is under pressure and manufacturers seek improvements wherever  more...

Pneumofore reports positive Glassman Europe 2015

Italian company Pneumofore said it had positive results from the recent Glassman Europe show in Lyon, France. The company had a booth at the exhibition held May 6 and 7 and said it had met some interesting contacts, especially those from North  more...

The Consistency of Pneumofore

The heating gas consumption at our headquarters has been reduced by 50% in the last 7 years. We welcome the minor expense, but we first consider the minor environmental pollution. The engineering team of Pneumofore is familiar with efficiency and  more...
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MP4 245892 Animation ´Vacuum for Hollow Glass´ by Pneumofore
Life Cycle Cost considerations of vacuum pumps for IS machines, presented funny with gorgeous sound.
PDF 902885 Reference List - Worldwide Service Centers
Pneumofore World Service Centers Map
PDF 875073 Reference List - Glass Industry - Extract
Pneumofore World References in Glass Industry
PDF 1149265 Reference List - World - Extract
Pneumofore Reference List - Vacuum and Compressed Air
PDF 3391650 Company Profile - Italian download
PDF 6168371 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - UV100 VS220 HC model
UV100 rotary vane vacuum pump with variable speed and hot climate options
PDF 1963879 UV Series for Glass Catalogue - English
Rotary vane vacuum pumps catalogue
PDF 801589 A Series Catalogue - English
Rotary vane air compressors catalogue
PDF 2055225 Company Profile - English download
PDF 226202 Casestudy - Glass - Yantai Changyu Glass - English
The correct installation of the vacuum system allows much higher productivity
PDF 261101 Casestudy - Glass - Yantai Changyu Glass - Russian
Установка простой вакуумной системы обеспечивает повышение производительности
PDF 336827 Casestudy - Glass - Yantai Changyu Glass - Chinese
更好的真空系 统, 更高的机速和成品率
PDF 344223 Casestudy - Glass - Yantai Changyu Glass - Japanese
真空システムを正しく取り付けることで、さ らに高い生産性を可能にします
PDF 245892 Casestudy - Glass - Yantai Changyu Glass - Italian
La semplice installazione di un impianto per vuoto ha portato ad una produttività maggiore
PDF 237708 Casestudy - Glass - 3,5 bar Druckluft - German
Niederdruck-Kompressoren für IS-Maschinen in Korea
PDF 154500 Casestudy - Glass - 3,5 bar Air - English
Low Pressure Air Compressors for IS Machines in Korea
PDF 238355 Casestudy - Glass - Air comprimé à 3,5 bar - French
Compresseurs d’Air Baisse Pression pour Machines IS en Corée
PDF 236630 Casestudy - Glass - Aire a 3,5 bar - Spanish
Compresores de baja presión para máquinas IS en Corea del Norte
PDF 244290 Casestudy - Glass - 3,5 bar Air - Russian
Воздушные компрессоры низкого давления для стеклоформующих машин в Корее
PDF 32448 Vacuum Pumps: Preliminary Specifications
General Information and Description of the Application
JPG 61958 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps
Pneumofore UV50 and UV16 vacuum pumps
PDF 389693 Infosheet - UV Series - English
Product information for air-cooled, rotary vane vacuum pumps with capacities from 250 - 3240 m3/h.
PDF 383576 Infosheet - UV Series - Russian
Информация по роторно-пластинчатым вакуумным насосам с воздушным охлаждением производительностью 250 - 3240 м3/ч
PDF 394604 Infosheet - UV Series - German
Produkt Information für luftgekühlte Drehschieber Vakuumpumpen, von 250 bis 3240 m3/h.
PDF 115079 Infosheet - UV Series - Italian
Informazioni tecniche e di prodotto per pompe a vuoto rotative a palette, raffreddate ad aria, con capacità da 250 a 3240 m3/h.
PDF 828495 Infosheet - UV Series - Spanish
Información de producto sobre las bombas de vacío de paletas rotativas, con caudal desde 250 hasta 3240 m3/h
PDF 388475 Infosheet - UV Series - French
Informations sur le pompes à vide à palettes rotatives, avec débit de 250 à 3240 m3/h
PDF 1225615 Infosheet - UV Series - US
Product information for air-cooled, rotary vane vacuum pumps with capacities from 177 - 1908 cfm.
PDF 641470 Casestudy - Glass - Wiegand and Nampak - English
Pneumofore vacuum solutions for Wiegand and Nampak
PDF 642319 Casestudy - Glass - Wiegand and Nampak - Italian
Le soluzioni per vuoto di Pneumofore per Wiegand e Nampak
PDF 271189 Casestudy - Glass - Wiegand and Nampak - German
Pneumofore Vakuumlösungen für Wiegand und Nampack
PDF 680309 Casestudy - Glass - Wiegand and Nampak - Russian
Вакуумные станции Pneumofore для компаний Wiegand и Nampak
PDF 846497 Casestudy - Glass - Sevam - English
Vacuum Installation without Service Center
PDF 846455 Casestudy - Glass - Sevam - Italian
Impianto per il vuoto senza centro di assistenza
PDF 883532 Casestudy - Glass - Sevam - Russian
Вакуумные системы в отсутствие сервисного центра
PDF 846993 Casestudy - Glass - Sevam - Spanish
Installación de vacío sin centro de asistencia
PDF 660166 Casestudy - Glass - Sisecam - English
Vacuum for Sisecam in Turkey
PDF 690797 Casestudy - Glass - Sisecam- Spanish
Vacio para Sişecam en Turquía
PDF 690151 Casestudy - Glass - Sisecam - French
Vide pour Sişecam en Turquie
PDF 690046 Casestudy - Glass - Sisecam - Italian
Vuoto per Sisecam in Turchia
PDF 717583 Casestudy - Glass - Sisecam - Russian
Вакуумные системы для компании Sişecam в Турции
PDF 946905 Casestudy - Glass - Hindustan National Glass India - English
32.400 m3/h Vacuum for Hindustan Glass
PDF 960803 Casestudy - Glass - Hindustan National Glass India - Spanish
32.400 m3/h de Vacio por Hindustan Glass
PDF 959149 Casestudy - Glass - Hindustan National Glass India - Italian
32.400 m3/h di vuoto per Hindustan Glass
PDF 990561 Casestudy - Glass - Hindustan National Glass India - German
32.400 m3/h Vakuum für Hindustan National Glass
PDF 998185 Casestudy - Glass - Hindustan National Glass India - Russian
32.400 м3/ч вакуума для компании Hindustan Glass
PDF 960489 Casestudy - Glass - Hindustan National Glass India - French
32.400 m3/h Vide pour Hindustan Glass
PDF 364012 Casestudy - Glass - Eastern Europe - English
Modernizing of Eastern Europe Glass Plants
PDF 440488 Casestudy - Glass - Eastern Europe - Russian
Модернизация стекольных заводов в Восточной Европе
PDF 364311 Casestudy - Glass - Eastern Europe - Italian
Modernizzazione degli impianti per la formatura del vetro nell’Europa dell’est
PDF 364678 Casestudy - Glass - Eastern Europe - Spanish
Modernización de las vidrierías en Europa Oriental
PDF 364330 Casestudy - Glass - Eastern Europe - German
Modernisierung von Osteuropäischen Glaswerke
PDF 259880 Casestudy - Glass - Malaya Glass - English
UV pumps for Malaya Glass
PDF 341988 Casestudy - Glass - Malaya Glass - Russian
Вакуумные насосы UV для Malaya Glass
PDF 367396 Casestudy - Glass - Malaya Glass - German
UV Vakuumpumpen für Malaya Glas
PDF 304749 Casestudy - Glass - Malaya Glass - Italian
Pompe UV per Malaya Glass
PDF 306390 Casestudy - Glass - Malaya Glass - Spanish
Bombas UV por Malaya Glass
PDF 306645 Casestudy - Glass - Malaya Glass - French
Pompes UV pour Malaya Glass
PDF 176900 Casestudy - Glass - MEG - English
Glass manufacturing in the Middle East
PDF 256317 Casestudy - Glass - MEG - Russian
Стекольное производство на Ближнем Востоке
PDF 177910 Casestudy - Glass - MEG - German
Glas Produktion in Mittlerer Osten
PDF 261182 Casestudy - Glass - MEG - Italian
La produzione di vetro in Medio Oriente
PDF 263258 Casestudy - Glass - MEG - Spanish
La producción de vidrio en Medio Oriente
PDF 263161 Casestudy - Glass - MEG - French
La production de Verre au Moyen-Orient
PDF 947855 Casestudy - Glass - MISR - English
Vacuum for Misr Glass Manufacturing in Egypt
PDF 983630 Casestudy - Glass - MISR - Russian
Вакуум на предприятии Misr Glass в Египте
PDF 952511 Casestudy - Glass - MISR - Italian
Vuoto per Misr Glass Manufacturing in Egitto
PDF 953177 Casestudy - Glass - MISR - Spanish
Vacío para Misr Glass Manufacturing en Egipto
PDF 952614 Casestudy - Glass - MISR - French
Vide pour Misr Glass Manufacturing en Egypte
PDF 855689 Casestudy - Glass - Saint Gobain - English
Vacuum for IS machines in France
PDF 314212 Casestudy - Glass - Saint Gobain - Russian
Вакуум для IS машин во Франции
PDF 307024 Casestudy - Glass - Saint Gobain - Italian
Vuoto per macchine IS in Francia
PDF 535276 Casestudy - Glass - Saint Gobain - German
Vakuum für IS Maschinen in Frankreich
PDF 814898 Casestudy - Glass - Saint Gobain - French
Vide pour machines IS en France
PDF 862344 Casestudy - Glass - Saint Gobain - Spanish
Vacío para Máquinas IS en Francia
JPG 95654 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - UV4 H model
UV4 rotary vane vacuum pump special inox design (closed view)
JPG 111980 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - UV8 B model
UV8 rotary vane vacuum pump with booster (closed view)
JPG 129694 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - UV16 model
UV16 rotary vane vacuum pump - standard (open view)
JPG 91418 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - UV16 VS30 model
UV16 rotary vane vacuum pump with variable speed option (open view)
JPG 68284 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - UV30 VS55 model
UV30 rotary vane vacuum pump with variable speed option (open view)
JPG 56479 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump - UV50 model
UV50 rotary vane vacuum pump - standard (open view)
PDF 481005 Casestudy - Glass - Multimaster Control - English
Innovative Pumps Control Solutions. The Multimaster Control optimizes the operation of several large vacuum pumps
PDF 2190310 No air, no bottle
Daniel Hilfiker, CEO, Pneumofore



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