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Bangalore Dor-Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Address Bangalore Dor-Tech Pvt. Ltd.
#53, 100 Feet Road, Defence Colony,
560038 Bangalore
Country India
Email Get in contact with Bangalore Dor-Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Products or Machinery

The products we promote fall under the following categories:

DORMA ·        Automatic Door Systems·        Sliding door systems – single / double leaf sliding & bi-parting ·        Space saver sliding & folding doors·        Revolving door systems·        Swing door operators ·        Door Control Systems·        Concealed &  Multifunctional door closer systems·        Overhead & Transom door closers·        Floor springs – light, medium & heavy duty. ·        Fittings & Fixtures For Frameless Toughened Glass Architecture·        Patch fittings, patch locks, door handles & door rails for glass doors & internal partitions·        MANET Single point fittings of stainless steel ·        Glass sliding panel shop fronts and partition walls ·        Acoustic Movable walls·        DORMA Huppe Variflex·        DORMA Huppe Variplan ·        Spider Glazing system (facades)  ·        Door Security & Safety Systems ·        Shower Cubicles·        Swing & sliding systems 

While servicing customers ranging from the smaller establishments to Multi National Companies, it has been our constant endeavour to keep in our objectives in perspective with aesthetics and quality being the bottom line.

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