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We are producing and distributing systems for printing and drying flat glass with ceramic and organic colors. We complete plants coming from one supplier – from planning to installation and after-sales-service.

Our extensive product range comprises:

* Thermal and chemical glass tempering furnaces for flat and curved glass

* Automatic tempering furnace bed loading - no touching the low-e  surface!

* Automatic unloading - no robot, no touching the low-e surface!

* Screen printing machines - for all sizes and automation

* Full surface roller coater

* Special glass edge and optional full-surface coater (edge roller coater)

* Continuous drying furnaces for ceramic or organic colours

* Glass washing machines

* Plant automation and plant networking

* Various transport routes and tilting tables

With our machines and plant networking, we pay particular attention to cost and production efficiency. New investments should pay for themselves as quickly as possible and improve product quality. Our machines are characterized by high efficiency, lowest maintenance costs and user-friendliness.

2017 we have extended our offer and took over the representation of Cooltemper furnaces in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Slovenia. Cooltemper is one of the world’s leading glass processing machinery manufacturers. Our main focus is on tempering furnaces and laminating systems.


Company Haselsteiner GmbH
Address Unterer Stadtplatz 14/3
3340 Waidhofen/Ybbs
Country Austria
Phone 0043 7442 53222
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Internet www.haselsteiner-gmbh.com

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Name Mr. Hubert Haselsteiner
Position Owner
Phone 0043 7422 53222
Fax 0043 7442 53222 22
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  • Automation / connected lines
  • Tempering lines Cooltemper
  • Automatic tempering furnace bed loading
  • Machines for Ceramic Ink Printing
  • Full Surface Roller-Coater
  • Dryer
  • Chemical Tempering Furnace
  • Laminating Systems
  • Washing Machines
  • Tilting tables




Optimised flat glass tempering process

Full convection or radiation? Cooltemper „FireJet“ can


  • Cold End Equipment


New innovation: Automatic tempering furnace bed unloading and loading system

We, the Haselsteiner GmbH, have developed an automatic tempering furnace bed loading and unloading system. Since, in most cases a glass tempering plant has a very high-power consumption and therefore causes high operating costs, an optimal use of


  • Batch, Furnace, Melting, Coating


  Filetype Filesize    
PDF 525923 New technology for the flat glass industry
Digital Screen-Printing Technology – based on laser technology with “ordinary” ceramic ink!
PDF 3518316 Fully automatic enameling plant
Fully automatic enameling plant for max. glass size of 6000 x 3300 mm
JPEG 178527 Haselsteiner - Digitaler Siebdruck
Machine picture, front view
PDF 3912909 Glas-Waschmaschinen für erhöhte Anforderungen
Glas-Wasch-Technologie für alle gängigen Glasarten
PDF 4299172 Tempering Process Optimized
Tempering furnaces and fully automatic furnace bed loading and unloading

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The company Haselsteiner GmbH offers its products and services in the area of Cold-End Lines, Glass Washing Machine, Glass Cutting & Glass Breaking, Glass Grinding, Drilling, Sawing, Glass Processing Machinery, Handling, Lamination lines, Lamination Systems, Screen printing accessories, Screen Printing Lines, Software for flat glass manufacture, Tempering Lines, Transport

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