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Grafotec has been an active supplier of machinery in the float glass industry since 1983, starting with the development of roller-type powder application systems, which apply interleaving powder through gravity on to flat glass. Grafotec has supplied all of the major float glass manufacturers worldwide with these robust machines, giving a good reputation in the industry. Due to the need of the float glass manufacturers, Grafotec has expanded the product range in 1995 with a new product – the Liquid Applicator – designed for the protection of the float glass against corrosion during transport and storage. This Liquid Applicator applies an anti-corrosion liquid onto the airside of the glass, which prevents from staining, irisation or corrosion. The LA C-Protection has proven its quality in more than 30 installations all around the world and it followed Grafotec’s company idea to build machines, which are known to be of high quality and robustness. 

In 2016 Grafotec started to deliver the LA Automotive, facilitating the „gravity bending“ of the automotive glass industry with a new product – “AGA 1000” – that can apply liquid (suspended) interleaving material (consisting of calcium carbonate) between the windshield-pairs in order to prevent glass slipping and to improve the optical quality of the windshield immensely. This will especially facilitate the realisation of the more complicated windshields with difficult bending geometry and higher optical requirements. For more information visit our website at:

Furthermore, Grafotec is well known for their nozzle-type powder application systems, APS & APT - Single and Twin application systems. 
The highly motivated Grafotec team hopes to be of assistance to all float and automotive glass manufacturers in coping their daily problems and improving their glass quality.

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