CNUD EFCO International NV/SA, CNUD Glass Engineering Group of BMT SA

As market leader, CNUD-EFCO offers you state-of-the-art technical solutions in terms of both engineering and equipment for forming and annealing glass.

The production lines and machinery, designed and produced by CNUD-EFCO, are being used in different business areas.

CNUD-EFCO is active on different markets:

  • architectural glass;
  • automotive glass;
  • electronic glass;
  • aviation glass;
  • furniture & pattern glass;
  • solar glass.


Company CNUD EFCO International NV/SA
CNUD Glass Engineering Group of BMT SA
Address Noorderlaan 30
1731 Zellik
Country Belgium
Phone 0032 2 481 88 00
Fax 0032 2 481 88 01
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Employees 35
Turnover 35.000.000 US$
Year founded 1956

Contact Info

Name Mr. Reint Berghmans
Position COO
Phone +32 2 4818830
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Name Mr. Robert Lamy
Position Chief Sales Officer
Phone +32 2 4818827
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Name Mr. Jan Lenaerts
Position Technical Manager
Phone +32 2 4818803
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Name Ms. Géraldine Seynaeve
Position CEO
Phone +32 2 4818813
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CNUD-EFCO INTERNATIONAL offers global solutions to the float glass industry, i.e. a range of materials and services for the complete tin bath and annealing lehr including top roller machines, bottom casings, side sealing, dross box, bath refractories, roof casings, etc. We are also active in the following segments: pattern glass, automotive glass, electronic glass and hollow glass.

Architectural glass

Architectural glass is the largest production segment of float glass. It covers clear, tinted and coated glass. The energy and safety requirements for the buildings and new glass applications require more sophisticated glass properties with on-line and off-line coating processes. The annealing and forming process needs to be adapted to these special glass applications. Thanks to its large expertise, CNUD-EFCO engineering brings a customised solution. Its equipment offers a high yield, allows an accurate control of the glass flatness and stress in the glass.

Solar glass for photovoltaic panels

Due to the increasing pressure to develop in “green” energy, solar energy is nowadays considered one of the most viable alternatives. The support of local governments for this technology boosted the production of “solar glass” for photovoltaic panels, curved mirrors to concentrate the energy on a boiler. CNUD-EFCO’s equipment guarantees the glass flatness during the annealing process in order to optimize the performance of the solar cells.





The Belgian company CNUD-EFCO International N.V., the world´s number one in annealing lehr and tin bath solutions, part of the BMT Group, is announcing its participation in German Glass Float Technology company GFT


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The company CNUD EFCO International NV/SA offers its products and services in the area of Annealing Lehr Technology, Cooling Technology

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