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Product Name


Date 22.10.2021
Type of trade for purchase
Category Glass, Hollow Glass
Short Description


Interested in 330ml and 660ml Beer Bottles.

Starting a 20,000,000 Liter Beer Factory in Fiji. Will be in operation by December 2022.

Initial requirement in the first year will approximately be:
1) 330ml - 5,000,000 Bottles
2) 680ml- 3,000,000 Bottles

  • Please provide F.O.B and C.I.F, Suva, Fiji
  • Prices for both Single Use Bottles and Bottles that can be cycled at least 8 times.
  • Please provide weight of bottles.
  • Please provide different sizes and colour options
  • The 330ml bottle bench mark is the Heineken Bottles.
  • Bottle Colour to be confirmed.
  • For 680ml bottle, we need you to provide options of shape for us to consider.
  • Please provide the delivery Lead times.
  • Please indicate your payment terms.
  • In the second year of operations, we will require the same quantity of bottles as the first year.
  • Please keep all these information confidential.