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Product Info

Product Name

Quartz glassware machining and fabrication products

Date 07.03.2019
Type of trade for Sale
Category Glass, Technical Glass
Manufacturer China manufacturer
Year of make 2018
Quantity 100
Location China;
Short Description 99.99-99.9999% purity quartz tube products;


Lianyungang GLS Trading Co,.LTd offer High Quality Quartz Products,OEM products available.Our products have good charactor such as :

1. High temperature resistance, softening point temperature of 1730℃, which can be used for a long time in 1100 ℃.

2. Corrosion resistance. Do not react with other acids except hydrofluoric acid, 30 times than Ceramics,150 times than stainless steel.

3. Good thermal stability, thermal expansion coefficient is extremely small (5.3 ~ 5.8) x 10 ^ (7).

4. Good light transmittance, best reaching is 93.4%.

5. Good insulation performance, resistance insulation is 10,000 times of ordinary glass.

6.Good UV transmittance up to 80-90%, the wavelength with the best sterilization effect is 253.7nm.

Price & Delivery

Base Price $2 for 3 ft. USD
Delivery, Transportation Sea,Flight or Express