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Product Info

Product Name

Glass tempering furnace

Date 01.11.2018
Type of trade for Sale
Category Machines & Tools, Production Machines - Moulds
Manufacturer KeraGlass
Type / Serial No. KFO 1250x2400/2600
Year of make 2005
Quantity 1
Location Lithuania
Short Description Code: 05165


Glass tempering furnace 

Model: KFO 1250x2400/2600 
Glass thickness: 2,8-19 mm
Min. glass size: 60/80 x 150 mm (with 60 mm width worked as well)
Max. glass size: 1250 x 2400/2600 mm (with 2600 mm lenght worked as well)
Total power: 598,36 kW
Plant’s total lenght: 12,12 m
Year: 2005
Very good and clean technical state


Code: 05165

Files & Pictures

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2018813135127-0216.jpg JPG 218,749 byte open
2018813135127-0040.jpg JPG 179,585 byte open
2018813135128-0631.jpg JPG 152,698 byte open
2018813135128-0579.jpg JPG 178,735 byte open
2018813135128-0815.jpg JPG 212,071 byte open
2018813135129-0911.jpg JPG 170,056 byte open
2018813135129-0610.jpg JPG 249,011 byte open
2018813135130-0186.jpg JPG 228,203 byte open
2018813135130-0681.jpg JPG 235,806 byte open
2018813135130-0183.jpg JPG 216,083 byte open
2018813135131-0967.jpg JPG 110,496 byte open
2018813135131-0519.jpg JPG 172,744 byte open
2018813135132-0366.jpg JPG 271,696 byte open
2018813135132-0055.jpg JPG 192,957 byte open
2018813135132-0675.jpg JPG 197,393 byte open

Contact Info

Company Erteka UAB
Address Verslo 4, Liudyne
Panevezio raj. LT-38130

Contact Person Ms. Jurate Aleksandraviciute
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