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Product Info

Product Name

Fused Cast Zirconia Brick

Date 22.11.2018
Type of trade for Sale
Category Machines & Tools, Melting - Technology
Manufacturer DAYANG
Type / Serial No. AZS 33 , AZS 41, AZS 36, ZIRCONIA-88, ZIRCONIA-95
Year of make NEW
Short Description Fused Cast AZS block for Glass Manufacturers , AZS 33- AZS 41- AZS 95 blocks


Fused Cast AZS block for Glass Manufacturers ,  AZS  33- AZS 41-  AZS 95 blocks

Price & Delivery

Base Price by negotiation USD
Delivery, Transportation by CFR

Contact Info

Company LuoYang DaYang High-performance Material
Address Songzhuang Development Zone,
LuYang 471121
0086 10 62151268
0086 10 62151268
China (PeopleĀ“s Republic)
Contact Person Mr. Rick Sun
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