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Fused Cast Zirconia Brick

Date 22.11.2018
Type of trade for Sale
Category Machines & Tools, Service
Manufacturer DAYANG
Type / Serial No. AZS 33 , AZS 41, AZS 36, ZIRCONIA-88, ZIRCONIA-95
Year of make NEW
Short Description Fused Cast AZS block for Glass Manufacturers , AZS 33- AZS 41- AZS 95 blocks


Fused cast refractories are manufactured by electro-fusing and casting process. Carefully selected high-purity raw materials are melted in Heroult type electric arc furnace at 1900 – 2500 ℃ and cooled to solidify after pouring into molds. Fused cast refractories have very high density and strength owing to electro-fusing process compared with ordinary types of refractories such as bonded refractories and stable mineralogical composition contribute to high resistance against corrosion and erosion by molten glass.

Zirconite series is high quality Al2O3-ZrO2-SiO2(AZS) fused cast refractories, consisting of crystallized baddeleyite (ZrO2) and corumdum (Al2O3), and matrix glass. The raw materials are carefully selected and fused in Heroult type electric arc furnaces.


casting types

Fused cast refractories are manufactured by electro-fusing and casting process. After being poured molten material into molds, shrinkage voids occur in cooling and solidification process. The location of shrinkage voids is important for furnace design and is controlled by casting techniques as the following table.

Casting types

Casting types

Mark      Casting type                 Remark
RC Regular Cast The normal type of product including the shrinkage voids under the casting gate.
VF Void Free The special type of product being removed the shrinkage voids after cooling.
ENC End Cut For side wall blocks, most of the shrinkage voids are removed by the same method as VF.


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Company LuoYang DaYang High-performance Material
Address Songzhuang Development Zone,
LuYang 471121
0086 10 62151268
0086 10 62151268
China (PeopleĀ“s Republic)
Contact Person Mr. Rick Sun
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