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Product Info

Product Name

CO cold end inspection machines

Date 12.02.2020
Type of trade for Sale
Category Machines & Tools, Cold End Lines
Quantity 4
Location Germany
Short Description We have 4 used CO Inspection Machines and spare parts for sale. The machines are for checking hollowglass bottles and jars and should be rebuilt before use.

Files & Pictures

Picture Description Type Size  
P1100035-k.jpg JPG 154,933 byte open
P1100029-k.jpg JPG 144,709 byte open
P1100025-k.jpg JPG 121,427 byte open
P1100026-k.jpg JPG 113,573 byte open
P9111911-k.jpg JPG 184,532 byte open

Price & Delivery

Delivery, Transportation EXW Germany

Contact Info

Company Siegler Hohlglasservice
Address Wiesenfurt 45a
97833 Frammersbach
0049 9355 7163
0049 9355 7597
Contact Person Mr. Alfred Siegler
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