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Product Info

Product Name

China tinted glass with competitive price for sale

Date 15.05.2021
Type of trade for Sale
Category Glass, Flat Glass
Manufacturer Qingdao Nobler Glass Technology CO.,LTD
Type / Serial No. Tinted Glass
Year of make 2021
Quantity 10000 Square meters
Location Qingdao, China
Short Description Nobler Glass, professional tinted glass manufacturer in China


Nobler tinted glass is manufactured by float process.Without sacrificing glass strength, just adding mental oxides at the melting stage, to make the normal float glass colored. The coloration won’t affect the glass basic performance, but the reflectance of visible light is little higher than normal clear glass.

Price & Delivery

Base Price USD3.00 per SQM ~ USD12.00 per SQM US Dollar
Delivery, Transportation In 2 weeks after confirmation Transporation by sea or by railway