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Buy Density Hydrometer NABL & ISI Certified - Omsons Glassware

Date 18.09.2020
Type of trade for Sale
Category Glass, Technical Glass
Manufacturer Omsons Glassware Private Limited
Type / Serial No. 90258010
Quantity 1
Location sapehra bada khuda kalan, Ambala Cantt, Haryana
Short Description Omsons Glassware is India´s best NABL certified laboratory glassware manufacturer and supplier since 1983. We are known for our best quality and accurate lab instruments. Along with manufacturing of laboratory glassware, Hydrometers, thermometers, we also have auto calibration facility. In-house NABL calibration laboratory for all laboratory glassware. The calibration is essentially done under ISO/IEC 17025:2005, certificate issued by NABL Accredited Laboratory. All volumetric glasswares are calibrated as per DIN, EN, ISO, IS & ASTM (USP) Standards. For more info you can contact us on +91-9992525018 +91-9813163495 +91-9812063733 +91-9992929169 or you can mail us on “” You also can visit our website


A hydrometer is an instrument that we used for measuring the density of a liquid based on the concept of buoyancy. Density Hydrometer for Analytical Laboratories Shot & Wax Poised Adjusted for use at 15°C M-50 SP. Callibration 0.001. Max Length 270 mm, Accuracy +- 0.0002 Range: 0.650–0.700 g/ml 0.700–0.750 g/ml 0.750–0.800 g/ml 0.800–0.850 g/ml 0.850–0.900 g/ml 0.900–0.950 g/ml 0.950–1.000 g/ml

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Base Price 313 US Dollar