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Product Info

Product Name

Butyle extruder

Date 09.06.2018
Type of trade for Sale
Category Machines & Tools, Production Machines - Moulds
Manufacturer LISEC
Type / Serial No. LBH-25V
Year of make 1990
Quantity 1
Short Description Code: 04689 LISEC LBH-25V Butyle extruder


Code: 04689

Butyle extruder, Lisec

System cleaned and reconditioned with new:

1. Hydraulic cylinder seals kit,
2. Oil Filter,
3. Hydraulic pump,
4. Hydraulic oil,
5. Butyl drum seal,
6. Butyl drum heater‘s seal,
7. Pneumo cylinder (for nozzles to open),
8. Temperature safety regulator.

Reconditioned for good working order
As it is

Files & Pictures

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201828151023-0350.jpg JPG 175,104 byte open
201828151024-0055.jpg JPG 175,536 byte open
201828151024-0426.jpg JPG 158,548 byte open
201828151025-0382.jpg JPG 176,021 byte open
201828151025-0750.jpg JPG 158,956 byte open
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Company Erteka UAB
Address Verslo 4, Liudyne
Panevezio raj. LT-38130

Contact Person Ms. Jurate Aleksandraviciute
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