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Because of our long-standing know how in the area of heat recovery you won’t hear us saying: “We can’t help you.”!

All our plants are tailor made. This means we place high value on fitting the plant to your individual conditions. We like to face new challenges and are curious to hear about your company. Every staff member of Schirm Wärmetechnik combines good education, long-standing work-experience, curiosity, innovative thinking, enjoyment of our work as well as of new challenges.

Group of Companies

Schirm Wärmetechnick GmbH, with the parent company Rotamill Anlagen- und Ventilatorenbau, is located in Siegen (NRW, Germany). Withal Rotamill holds ownership structures of the majority of Schirm Wärmetechnik and Hensel Pneum Fördertechnik und Gießereitechnik GmbH. Rotamill is specialized in exhaust gas decontamination systems, industrial fans and process related plant construction.

Hensel Pneum on the other hand is specialized in complete conveyor systems for granular and dusty bulk material. Hensel develops solutions for the improvement of the standard quality, the reduction of new sand proportion or the reduction of the amount of landfill (cost reduction).


Company Schirm Wärmetechnik GmbH
Address Eisenhüttenstraße 26
57074 Siegen
Country Germany
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Year founded 1978

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Name Mr. Gerd Höhn
Position General Manager
Phone 0049 271 66121 3
Fax 0049 271 6 61 21 59
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Name Mr. Torsten Flömer
Position Sales
Phone 0049 271 66121 47
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Waste Heat Recovery From Industrial Exhaust Gases
From heat to energy

Our product range includes:

  • Waste heat boilers for large exhaust gas amounts to 150.000 Nm³/h
  • Gas-gas heat transfer as well as recuperators
  • Hot water heat exchanger and complete systems
  • Steam generation
  • Power generation with steam turbine
  • Thermal oil system with ORC modules

We deliver components as well as turn key.

Industrial gases and heat recovery

Industrial gases of combustion processes or hot exhaust gas have a high potential to be recovered. Decisive are temperature as well as volume flow of the exhaust gas. As higher these values are, the more energy can be recovered.
Weather the heat can be used completely depends on the utilizable medium.
An example: If water from the heating system is supposed to be heated from 70°C (158°F) to 90°C (194°F), more energy can be used as in the production of 450°C (842°F) steam.


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The company Schirm Wärmetechnik GmbH offers its products and services in the area of Emission reduction, Exhaust Gas Purification, Optimization of energy consumption, Process Optimization, Waste Air Absorption, Waste Heat Recovery

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