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Cerion Artikel Juni 2013 c-vertica
Laser - Zukunftsweisende Glasveredelung vom Kleinformat bis XXL
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Cerion Article June 2013 c-vertica
Laser - Glass processing with a future from small formats to XXL
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Cerion Artikel Glaswelt 9/2013, Laserbearbeitung von Glas
Mehr als nur Oberfläche
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Cerion Artikel Stahlbau Nachrichten 3/2013
Große Glasformate dank Cerion
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Cerion c-vertica XXL
The c-vertica from Cerion is a powerful inclined bed laser system for the finishing of glass surfaces and subsurface engraving. The machine has a modular design and is aligned with customer requirements. The largest system installed so far can finish glass panels with a size of 10 m x 4 m.
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Glass Wall with Laser Engraving and Illumination
Waterproof installation for exterior applications with high-power LEDs in the base
Triple VSG glass from 15 mm HSG / 19 mm Optiwhite ® with subsurface engraving / 15 mm HSG
(Haus am Ginko, Heidelberg)
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Façade Glass Panels, Laser Engraving
Even large-surface façade glass panels can be designed individually with the c-vertica from Cerion. (Musikhochschule Norderstedt)
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Façade Glass Panels, Laser Engraving
Individual two or three-dimensional decors are engraved inside the glass with the c-vertica at high speed and with great precision. The glass surface remains completely intact during this process; a benefit in cleaning. Impressive effects can be obtained through LED lighting from the edge. (room dividers with landscape design)
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Article Glass-Technology International 2/2014
Innovative laser processing and finishing of glass
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