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SIL Solution
Integrate and optimize your key manufacturing processes with SIL
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To supervise and manage real time performance along the production lines in order to enhance and improve plant outputs.
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For manual and automatic quality controls in glass making plants, providing certificates of conformity as well as SPC analysis capabilities.
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For mold repairs, dimensional controls, rotations and gob cuts received by each individual mold offering full traceability and an even use of mold sets.
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To access manufacturing KPIs using smart devices such as cell phones, tables, TVs, etc. with information from one or several plants at any given time.
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To manage resorting and have full production traceability.
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To manage glass chemical composition and analysis over time with full traceability of components, raw materials and suppliers.
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For communication with ERP systems, allowing data exchange of article information, production orders, pallet status, quality results and defects.
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To manage manufacturing downtimes and follow Overall Equipment Effectiveness in real time.
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For statistical controls that assign pallet status according to predefined AQLs at the end of the lines.
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For extraction and analysis of manufacturing data allowing data mining with smart filters, pivot tables and smart charts.
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