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 Screenshot is well known as the leading information portal for the international glass industry, with company directory, news, projects, trade and job market, maps etc. Experienced engineers from different disciplines operate the company. With their technical and market knowledge, glassglobal have prepared many customised studies in the past.

glassglobal have merged their technical know-how and market knowledge into an online market study, It provides information about glass producers worldwide as a permanently updated and expanding tool. 


Suppliers of glass producers, traders and processors need to know which glass producer is doing what, where and how much. This is exactly what provides.

The most popular feature is a filter, which can be used to select a target group. Filter categories are furnace types, capacities, glass type, glass colour, region and country, company group.

Users select relevant categories and see a result list immediately. Every glass plant can be selected, to access information like name and address, contact data, number and capacities of furnaces, products and contacts. Contact persons can be contacted directly.

All testimonials from first users are very positive so far, like e.g.:
“It is a great study. Congratulations to glassglobal.“
„This is more than I expected.”
“The information and amount of data available in your database is enormous.”

The site is based on different databases, which are updated regularly:

  1. Glass producers with names, locations, furnaces, capacities, products, colours and years of construction.
  2. Demoscopic data, like population, employment, unemployment rate, GDP, GNI in glass producing countries, partially since 1995 and with an expectation until 2020.
  3. Import and export data, with data in weight and value.
  4. Investments (planned new glass plants, investments, repairs)


All glass plants in the tool are programmed with degrees of latitude and longitude. Another effective tool is a map that shows all glass producing companies from the database in a world map. To change the clarity, plant locations can be displayed individually or in clusters. One can zoom in the map to see plants in a certain region. A list for the selection of target countries is available. By clicking one country, the map zooms automatically to the target country and shows the glass plants therein as factory symbols. By clicking one of the symbols, one is guided to a company profile, with the same information like in the result list of the filter described above.


World Map of glass factory Projects

Suppliers of the glass industry und further categories like glass processors, consultants etc. can be added individually, depending on the users specifications. Projects are shown too, with information about planned new glass plants with locations, investments, repairs.


 Hollow Glass Market Outlook Germany until 2020

Glass production data, import, export and data about population provide information to calculate glass consumption in countries in total and per capita, yesterday, today and tomorrow. A comparison with the current glass production capacity serves to estimate, where addition capacity through new plants or production capacity expansion is requested in the future. Glass producers use this information also for a competitor analysis.

 Clear Float Glass Market Figures until 2015


Additional features, to improve a comfortable and effective use, continuously expand the study. Features are among others:

  • Connection to the current filter selection with GPS coordinates of users with an “Around-Me” function, to display glass plants in a defined area.
  • Comfortable correspondence tool, with e-mail, letter and fax templates, SMS, reminder technique and option to add files.
  • Customised offline version for the databases of glass producers, companies and information.

Glass Factories Europe in Icons


Technical information, market data, project information and the glass producer’s database, provides it all.

Glass experts are ready for a guided tour through the study. Agree your appointment at:
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