Container glass melting furnace affected after fire in glass factory

Sunday morning, a strong explosion and fire hereafter happened happened in Verallia glass factory in Argentina. According to official sources, the flames originated in one of the company's warehouses, and little by little they spread throughout the rest of the facilities. The explosion affected the glas melting furnace and destroyed machines and equipment on the shop floor.

Already approx 11.30 the fire was reported as extinghished, and that now they would be working on cooling tasks. The Ministry of Security affirmed to Diario El Sol that the causes that gave rise to the flames in the former Rayén Curá are still unknown.

Thanks to the rapid action of several firefighter crews, the fire did not spread to other glassware units and fortunately apart from material damage, there were no regretting personal injury among employees or firefighters. 

The glass factory, formerly Rayén Curá, in Rodeo de la Cruz, Guaymallén is an historic factory founded 1947 and was renamed Verallia when it merged with French investors.  The manufacturing plant is located on Carril Nacional, at 6,070, in Rodeo de la Cruz, Guaymallén. 

Verallia is the European leader and the world's third largest producer of glass containers for food and beverages, offering innovative, customized and environmentally friendly solutions.  The Group posted € 2.6 billion in revenue and produced 16 billion bottles and jars in 2019. Verallia employs around 10,000 people and comprises 32 glass production plants in 11 countries.

20.09.2021, Verallia, Diario del Sol & further sources

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