LWN Lufttechnik GmbH

Air Technology Systems for the Container Glass, Flat Glass and Special Glass Sectors

  • Combustion air systems
  • Furnace and throat cooling systems
  • Bubbler cooling systems
  • Electrode cooling systems
  • Personnel cooling systems
  • Machinery, vertiflow and conveyor cooling systems
  • Float bath cooling systems
  • Suction units for hot end coating
  • SO 2 suction units
  • Dust extraction systems for batch transportation

Industrial ventilators

Radial ventilators

in robust industrial design for use at low-, medium- and high-pressure levels, in single- and double-sided suction design.

  • Direct-drive motor, with flexible couplings or belt drive
  • Aimed at non-stop operation in tough service conditions
  • Designed with maximum efficiency and minimal energy use
  • Standard design in mild steel
  • Special designs in stainless steel for abrasive gases or high temperatures
  • Stainless steel compensators
  • Fabric expansion joints

Axial ventilators

in robust industrial design, as single in-line fan in single- and multi-layer design, driven directly with internal motor or with belt drive and exterior motor.

  • Standard design in mild steel
  • Special design in stainless steel for aggressive gases or high temperatures
  • Suction nozzles with protective grating
  • Stainless steel compensators
  • Fabric expansion joints

Process Technology

  • Drive controller with frequency inverter or soft starter, rated for up to 400kW/400V output for air technology systems
  • Positioning controllers and controllers of cool air shutters on IS machines

Automatic Mould Cooling for IS Machines

With the automatic mould cooling system, LWN now offers the glass industry a solution to measure and control mould temperatures. The advantages of automatic machine cooling are, among others:

  • Stable production conditions on IS machines
  • Increased production
  • Saving of energy

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