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Headline General/Technical/Sales/Marketing positions
Dated 19.04.2008
Job Cipher # CH0482156

Current Position

Profession Engineering / General Management
Job Category Project / Plant Management
Field of activity General / Engineering management in HVAC factories
in this function since 1992
Management experience Engineering /Product Development Manager (96-2003). General Management (2004-now )
Team experience Crossfunctional development team, sales team, functional + cross functional management in factory environment
Experience abroad Taiwan ( 4yrs) , China (5yrs ), US (2yrs) , Malaysia (4 yrs), Singapore (5 yrs)
Languages English,Chinese Mandarin, Bahasa Malaysia
Age 43

Position sought

Position General , Technical,
Field of activity Product Development, Manufacturing Operations
Salary wanted S$20,000/month
Relation Full Time
Country / Region Singapore
Willing to relocate ? (also abroad) Will consider
Date available 2 months notice


Bachelor of Engineering ( Mechanical ), National University of Singapore (89) Master in Business Administration , Rutgers University, NJ. (2003)

Application Text

I am looking for job opportunties in solar industry .I got my first exposure to solar engineering in my undergraduate days ( 1989 ). Since then i had graduated and workin the HVAC (heating ventilating and air conditioning industry ) where energy consumption is a large part of the business, where people are looking to energy conservation. It is a big energy consuming industry - most of the time electrical energy . I believe we need to find alternative energy source as fossil fuel electricity generation has 30% efficiency. This generates a lot of waste heat that had contributed to global warming..... this is not sustainable and is detrimental to the environment. I would very much like to be in the effort to seek for alternative/green and sustainable solution. I believe solar energy is one of it.

Special Skills

Did solar desiccant air-conditioning project for undergraduate final year project. 17 years experience in HVAC industry in Asia ( Singapore/Malaysia/Taiwan/China )in Sales, Engineering, R&D, manufacturing. Cost reduction. Network in HVAC industry in Asia. Registered as PE in Wisconsin , USA, 1994.