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Headline Designer / Artist experienced in 3 D optical varnish design and development seeks cooperation with design-oriented glass company.
Dated 07.04.2010
Job Cipher # CH0401574

Current Position

Profession Freelance varnish and glass designer
Job Category Art Glass
Field of activity Design and developing of 3 D light-conducting organic glass paintworks.
in this function since 2004
Languages German, English middle quality
Age 56

Position sought

Position Designing and co-development in researching of new optical paintworks
Field of activity Design, glass coatings, art glass, architectural glass, interior design.
Salary wanted Salary or fee is still to be negotiated.
Relation Salary/Commission
Country / Region Germany, EU, Swiss, Austria, France,
Willing to relocate ? (also abroad) Available from now on
Date available Available from now on, October 2010


Studies in glass paintings and free paintings at Fachhochschule / university for design and arts in Cologne / Germany from 1977 - 1986. Since 2004 pre-development of light-conducting varnish systems for glass and other applications. Since 2008 authentication of the development by the research institute Innovent e.V. in Jena / Germany.

Application Text

German varnish and glass designer seeks co-operation with glass company which want build up new product lines in the area of stained glass and colored laminated glasses and mirrors with inert materials. Or design of facade glass or solar architecture. The new development of 3 D light-conducting varnish systems is a lens layer system which improve the light guidance characteristics into glass / mirrors without any optical disturbances between varnish and glass. Glass become more diaphanously, mirrors become more brighter and are photographable. They show a lot of design features: The varnish are capable to couple clear varnish with opaque colors together with metallic rough or relief structures and with other materials, holography, LED, etc in a deep-spatially 3 D picture projection. Thus light-conducting varnish-layer lens systems fulfill an optical coupler function to every rough-round-wavily material without any interface disturbances between glass and the inert synthetics or other materials. For this I can initiate a research project with an East German research institute which is promoted by the Federal Government of Germany. The offer has value for companies from EU countries also. Or look also at "Lichtleitende Lacke". Click below on "Dreidimensionale Lichträume in Glas" - "Three-dimensional light spaces in glass".

Special Skills

Long-standing experiences in the cultural management in the art house Rhenania in Cologne of 1997 - in 2004. On account of this knowledge I can support the marketing activities of the co-operating company with lasting effect and construct contacts with international designers, architects and artists.