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Headline Decoration Manager Table ware
Dated 13.11.2017
Job Cipher # CH1176086

Current Position

Profession Glass Industry Expert / Glass Decoration
Job Category Production (Hot End), Machine Worker
Field of activity Decoration
in this function since 2005
Management experience yes
Team experience Yes
Experience abroad yes
Languages English, Hindi, Gujarati, Arabic (R&W)
Age 37

Position sought

Position Decoration Manager Table ware
Field of activity Decoration table ware
Salary wanted negotiable
Relation Full Time
Country / Region worldwide
Willing to relocate ? (also abroad) yes
Date available any



Endowed ​​to ​​work ​​with ​​Dedication ​​and ​​commitment ​​to ​​do ​​the ​​assigned ​​projects, shouldering ​​responsibility,​​ and ​​coordination ​​with ​​colleagues,​discussion ​​with ​​clients​​ for understanding ​​their ​​requirements ​​and ​​putting​ ​continuous ​​efforts ​​for ​​the​betterment ​​of projects ​​assigned ​​with ​​hard- work ​​and​ ​patience.

Believe ​​in ​​Adherence ​​to ​​rules, ​​regulations, ​​and ​​formalities ​​to ​​statutes ​​only ​​does good ​​to all concerned, ​​the ​​Company, the ​​Customer ​​and ​​Individual ​​Employee.

Work ​​experience

  • Present ​​working as a ​​​Manager ​​Décor ​​​in ​​ARC​ ​International ​​Middle ​​East, ​​France​based World ​Leading ​​Table​​ware ​​Manufacturers ​​Group, Established​​1825.​​During Aug-2005 ​​to till today.
  • Pragati ​​Glass ​​Limited, ​​Kharach, ​​India,​​Worked ​​as ​​a ​​Assistant ​​Quality ​​Manager​ ​from 2000​ ​to ​​2005


Application Text

Dear Sirs,

I herewith apply for a position as Decoration Manager in your company.

If you consider my qualifications as acceptable, I am willing to send further information upon request.

Please contact me online or via glassglobal Group.

Thank You.

Special Skills


  • Pursuing​​ MBA


  • Good ​​hallucination ​​skills ​​to ​​work ​​on ​​the ​​projects.
  • Strong​​ in-depth ​​knowledge ​​in ​​Décor ​​Production.
  • Design​​ theory ​​and ​​related ​​knowledge ​​of ​​Decoration ​​Industry.
  • Strong​​ interpersonal​​ and​​ communication​​ skills.


Responsible​​ for ​​the ​​decoration​ ​of ​​glassware ​​meeting ​​the ​​quality ​​standards ​​and ​​market demands.​​​Plans ​​and​ ​organizes ​​the​​ decoration ​​of ​​glassware ​​ensuring ​​maximum ​​output ​​and cost savings.

Owner ​​of ​​Mini​​Company ​​in ​​accordance ​​with ​​Corporate ​​Guideline​​”QCDISME”



(Management​​ and​ ​Technical ​​activities)

  • Handling​​ a ​​total ​​of ​​14 ​​machines ​​consists ​​of ​​ATMA,​FERMAC,​ELMECERAM,​DRA, DR4,​MDF​(auto ​​& ​​manual),​tempering ​​lines​​ and ​​related​ ​lab​ ​activities.​​Staff ​​organization and ​​motivation ​​improves efficiency ​​of ​​the ​​production ​​by ​​giving technical ​​expertise ​​in ​​all fields.​​Define ​​the ​​best ​​methods/practices ​​and​ ​ensure ​​that​ ​the ​​products ​​met the​ quality and specifications.
  • Handle​​ and​ ​develop ​​sections ​​such ​​as ​​Decal ​​cutting ​​and​application,​décor ​​machines, décor​lab,​and décor tempering décor firing and washing by optimum use of resources for cost​efficiency.
  • Utilization/allocation​​ of ​​enamels,​paints,​​​silicon and screen within the defined budget for cost ​​effectiveness.
  • Always ​​makes ​​sure department ​​maintain ​​minimum ​​inventory ​​in terms ​​of ​​enamels ​​and consumables.​​(Min and​​ max).
  • Active​​ association ​​​with ​​NPD ​​for ​​new ​​development ​​of ​​new ​​designs ​​in ​​terms ​​of ​​color ​​and design​including ​​RAK​ ​&​ ​Luminarc ​​brands.​​Support ​​marketing ​​to ​​define ​​its ​​need, sampling​ ​activity,​costing ​​and ​​establish ​​start ​​up ​​of ​​new ​​products.
  • Manage ​​and ​​supervise ​​the ​​décor ​​lines ​​and ​​the ​​team-​sets ​​precise​ ​and​ ​ambitious ​​objectives and​develops ​​the ​​performance ​​indicators ​​for ​​each ​​section ​​and ​​line ​​and ​​audits ​​the evolution ​​of ​​these​objectives ​​as ​​well ​​as​ ​monitors the ​​visual ​​management ​​system, ​​to stimulate ​​the ​​performance ​​of​ ​the ​​teams​ ​and​ ​unit.
  • Monitors ​​the ​​décor ​​process ​​and​ ​ensures ​​that ​​standard ​​procedures ​​are​developed ​​and quality ​​standards ​​are ​​met.​​Defines ​​the ​​procedures ​​(ISO9001​certification) ​​implement ​​the Kaizen ​​principles​ ​(continuous ​​improvement, ​​5S,​​ visual ​​​management, ​​SMED) ​​for ​​each section.
  • Ensure ​​quality ​​of​ ​the​ ​items​ ​decorated ​​on​ ​the ​​lines ​​and ​​makes ​​sure ​​that​they ​​are compliant​​ with ​​the ​​customer’s​​ expectations.

Acts ​​as ​​the ​​interface ​​with ​​other​ ​departments:

  • Maintain​​ the ​​balance ​​load/capacity ​​and ​​the ​​availability ​​of ​​products ​​with ​​the​Supply ​​chain &​ ​the​ ​Sales.
  • Define ​​the ​​product ​​development ​​plan ​​with ​​the ​​NPD​ ​&​​ the​ ​ME ​​Marketing, ​​and​provide the​​ decoration ​​parameters.
  • Establish​​ the ​​budgets ​​and​ ​study​ ​the​ ​investment ​​plans ​​with​ ​the ​​Finance​ ​on​​decoration related,
  • Co-ordinate ​​for ​​programming ​​the ​​productions ​​in ​​accordance ​​with ​​the ​​requests ​​of ​​the scheduling​ ​​department ​​and​ ​tries ​​to ​​​meet ​​the ​​needs ​​of the​ ​scheduling department ​​at ​​the maximum​ ​(quantity,​deadlines).​​Optimizes ​​the ​​use ​​of ​​the​decoration ​​resources (staff, equipment) ​​to ​​produce ​​at ​​the ​​lowest ​​cost.
  • Be ​​the ​​inter face ​​with ​​the ​​Arc​​ France ​​industrial ​​departments ​​specifically​​corporate​​​NPD, corporate ​​décor ​​lab,​​corporate ​​décor ​​studio,​​subsidiaries ​​décor​​production ​​units:
  1. ​To ​​establish ​​the ​​training ​​plan ​​with ​​the ​​AF ​​experts
  2. To ​​share ​​the ​​best ​​practices ​​with ​​the ​​corporate ​​team
  3. To ​​study ​​&​ ​define ​​the ​​technical​​ scope ​​of ​​the ​​plant ​​extension ​​projects with ​​ the ​​AF ​​​Industrial ​​departments ​​and​ ​to ​​follow​ ​up ​​on ​​these​ ​projects.
  • Responsible ​​for ​​ensuring​ ​and ​​stimulating ​​the ​​improvement ​​and ​​development ​​of​​machines, tools,​​processes ​​and ​​products ​​by:
  1. Monitoring​​ the​ ​results ​​of ​​the ​​lines
  2. ​​Analyzing ​​the ​​deviations ​​and ​​initiating ​​the ​​relevant ​​corrective ​actions
  3. ​​Giving ​​the ​​staff ​​the​ ​sense ​​of ​​constant ​​monitoring​ ​the​​ results.
  4.  Specifying ​​the ​​main ​​improvement ​​actions
  • Organizes ​​the ​​production ​​changes ​​together ​​with​ ​the ​​maintenance ​​manager ​​and​​sets ​​up ​​the measures ​​necessary ​​to Job ​​Goals ​​(according ​​to ​​internal​​/​​external ​​client's ​​needs)
  1. Maximum​​ utilization ​​of ​​line ​​capacity ​​and​ ​efficiency
  2. ​​New ​​decorated ​​product ​​development ​​as ​​per ​​market ​​needs
  3. ​​Minimum ​​inventory ​​on ​​consumable.


  • 1​​ Million ​​$ ​​cost ​​reduced ​​in ​​2016 ​​Vs ​​2014 ​​same ​​pull, ​​in ​​fields ​​of ​​Enamels,​​Consumables, Gas ​​and​ ​Electricity
  • To ​​be ​​saved​ ​800K $ ​​in ​​current ​​year,​​ action ​​plan ​​in ​​place ​​and​ ​few​​ actions​​achieved target ​​within ​​7​​months ​​in stead ​​of ​​one ​​year.​​expected ​​to ​​be ​​landed​​ above ​​800K+
  • Thermoplastic ​​organic ​​decoration ​​success ​​with ​​Polymerization ​​process
  • Real ​​Gold ​​Decoration ​​on ​​Rim​​ +​ ​Decal ​​Gold ​​on ​​SODO ​​success
  • Consecutive ​​three ​​years ​​Décor ​​dept ​​rewarded ​​for ​​Leading ​​scorer ​​in​ ​APS​ ​(BEAM)