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Contact Info

Address Asahi India Glass Ltd.
T 7 MIDC, Taloja, Dist. Raigad,
410208, Maharastra
Country India
Email Get in contact with Asahi India Glass Ltd.

Products or Machinery

Clear Float Glass

Thickness : 2mm to 15mm.

Size : Available in a number of sizes upto 3.05m X 4.88m.
Special features:
Distortion-free : 100% distortion-free vision due to precise surface flatness and high quality.
Clarity of vision : AIS Clear Float provides perfectly clarity of vision through crystal clear finish. Both true and reflected images, seen through this naturally formed glass, appear bright and clear.
Sparkling surface: AIS Clear Float exudes a sparkling and brilliant lustre, due to which it can resist scratches, dust and dirt and is easier to clean.

AIS Heat Absorbing Float Glass:

Shades : Bronze, Dark Grey, Light Grey, European Green, Blue

Thickness : 3mm - 12mm

Sizes : Available in a number of sizes
Special features:

 Absorbs Solar Heat Energy : AIS Tinted Float Glass absorbs 30% to 45% of the solar radiation heat incident on the glass surface, depending on tint and thickness. It reduces the quantity of heat flowing into the buildings, lessens cooling load on air-conditioners and induces energy saving..

Aesthetics : AIS Tinted Float enhances the aesthetic appearance of buildings. It provides flexibility in applications and satisfies preferences of architects and designers, thus, encouraging new design trends..
Protection against Glare : AIS Tinted Float being low in visible ray transmittance, creates a soothing environment and reduces harmful ultraviolet ray penetration.

AIS Supersilver Heat Reflective Glass: -

Higher selectivity (high light transmission, but low solar heat inflow).
Available in Clear, Grey, Blue, Bronze and Green.
Available in shades of Clear, Grey, Blue, Bronze and Green.

Special features: -

Versatility: AIS Supersilver is easy to process, assemble and install. With a multitude of choices available, builders, developers, architects and interior designers can add a special individualistic touch to their creative ideas.

Comfort: AIS Supersilver is ideal for fluctuating light conditions. It provides protection against UV rays as also the glare of the sun, hence, providing optical comfort and a soothing environment.

Privacy: AIS Supersilver reflects light and assures one of privacy, as during the daytime, outsiders cannot look into the building.

Harmony: AIS Supersilver yields harmonious glass creations. It helps in creating a comfortable and soothing environment, so essential for enhanced manpower productivity.

Imported High Performance Glass

Types : Hard Coat & Soft Coat

Brand : In Hard Coat - STOPSOL, SUNERGY


This glass is first in the Stopsol range, developed in 1975.
This range offer privacy and visual comfort.
Available in shades of Clear, Grey, Blue, Bronze and Green.


Latest addition to the Stopsol family - was recently developed by Glaverbel in response to a clear need for great looking moderately reflective solar control glasses.
Very low inside and outside reflection and excellent selectivity (high light transmission, but low solar heat inflow).
Perfectly uniform coating.
Available in Privablue.
Thickness : 6 mm & 8 mm.

Sunergy is the brand name given to glasses which combine solar control, thermal insulation and very low external and internal reflection properties.

The result is a glass which is not highly reflective from outside, and pleasing from the inside due to low reflection properties. Due to its low emissivity and thermal insulation properties, these glasses can be used in non sun-facing positions in both cold and hot climates as it helps to preserve the heat inside in cold countries and maintain the cool in hot countries.

In short, while reflective glasses provide just solar control, the Low-E Sunergy can provide thermal insulation also with very low reflections from both surfaces which is characteristic of reflective glasses.
Colours available : Clear, Blue (Azur) and Green.
Thickness : 6 mm.

Best available soft coat glass, developed in the 1960´s by Glaverbel and continuously improved.
Always used in a Double Glazed Unit.
Excellent low emissivity and solar factor performances.
U-Value = 1.3.
Best selectivity.
Available in a variety of colours including an extraordinary low light reflection range, ideal for all climates; combines solar control in summer with thermal insulation in winter.
When assembling and installing the glazing, the position of the coating is of crucial importance to determine the colour, appearance and performance of the glazing.

AIS Mirrors

World-class Copper & Lead free New Generation Mirrors.

It is manufactured by superior technology to provide the best value and quality to the customer.

Brand : "AIS Mirrors"
Thickness : 4 mm, 5 mm & 6 mm

Thk (mm) 2440 * 1220 2440 * 1830 3048 * 2134
4 X
5 X X X
6 X X


Unique features :

Copper-free coating - Conventional mirrors cloud with age and dark patches spread on the surface due to oxidation caused by the copper coating reacting with reagents in the adhesives used to fix mirrors in place. AIS Mirrors are free from such ageing as they contain no copper.
Lead-free protective paints used.
Environment friendly
Unrivalled anti-corrosion properties & protection against ageing and reactive agents found in certain cleaning agents.
Ideal in a hot and humid environment.
Compatible with a wide range of adhesives.

AIS Décor Lacquered Glass: -

For use in interiors.
A coloured opaque appearance is achieved by the application of special high quality paint to one surface of the glass, oven cured through a superior process.
It is available in a variety of 12 shades – Venetian Red, Bright Orange, Lemon Yellow, Spring Green, Midnight Blue, Luminous Blue, Classic Beige, Black Pearl, Marble White, Snow White, Icy Blue and Sterling Silver.
It can withstand temperatures upto 80°C. However prolonged exposure to high temperature could result in slight fading of colour.
It can be cut, drilled, ground, edge-finished.

AIS Krystal Frosted Glass: -

It renders glass translucent, thereby obscuring the view while allowing light to pass through.
It can be used in a number of interior designing applications.

Applications of AIS Glass: -
With its wide product range and its status as the undisputed quality leader, AIS Glass is the natural choice in most of the application segments:

Window Glazing : AIS Float Glass’s superior strength, high optical clarity, distortion free, smooth surface and bigger sizes give design flexibility, making it the natural choice for all window glazing applications.

Curtain walls : Availability of AIS Tinted Float & AIS Heat Reflective Glass in various shapes and sizes enable you to design the latest in curtain walls. Besides modern expression, it reduces the overall dead weight of the building, allows faster construction and requires less expensive maintenance.

The heat-absorbing / heat-reflective characteristic reduces the air-conditioning load substantially, thus saving precious energy.

Partition Walls : Due to its inherent strength and availability in large sizes, AIS Float Glass can be extensively used for partitions. Glass partitions add to the aesthetics of the room and give a feeling of spaciousness.

Doors : AIS Float Glass is extensively used in doors and entrances, exuding beauty and elegance.

Shop-Fronts : Brilliantly clear and transparent shop-fronts made of Float Glass provide a distinct image to a showroom.

Shop Decorations : Modern expression, transparency, easy maintenance and non-inflammability of AIS Float Glass makes it an indispensable material for display cabinets, partitioning, screening and designing modern and high-class Showrooms and Shopping Malls.

Furniture : AIS Float Glass, due to its versatility, is ideal for furniture, tabletops, shelves, cabinets, showcases and sliding doors of large almirahs and cupboards etc.

Balustrades : The use of AIS Float Glass in balustrades give a graceful effect to the staircases.

Mirrors : AIS Float Glass gives perfect reflected images when mirrored. Also AIS Mirrors, are world-class quality mirrors, being copper & lead free and corrosion resistant.

Automobile Safety Glass : AIS Float Glass Unit is the single largest supplier to the OEM segment. Its European Green glass is used extensively in almost all premium cars.

Special Applications: AIS Float Glass can be further processed to be used for skylights, atriums, museums, art galleries, aquariums, lifts, dance floors etc