Solar Glass Study, 4th edition

Glass Global ( the leading internet glass community and glass global consulting, a spin-off of Glass Global, are working since more than three years in the area of Photovoltaics ("PV") including Building Integrated PV ("BIPV"), Concentrated Solar Power ("CSP") and Solar Thermal and glass for the related industries (" solar glass") in particular.

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You probably have at least one of the following questions

  • "The more I try to understand PV/BIPV, CSP & Solar Thermal the more complex it is and the more confused I am" - I need a compiled report explaining PV, CSP & Solar Thermal for Glass or Solar people.
  • How much glass is needed to feed the Solar Industry? What are the trends?
  • What type of glass - float, patterned or tubing glass - is needed for what application and what are the detailed specifications (transmission, iron content, thicknesses, bow, grinding, toughening, prices etc.)?
  • What type of machinery is needed to produce, melt or process this glass?
  • What are the glass costs? Production costs? Melting costs? Processing costs? Investments? Timelines? Transportation costs? Taxes?
  • Who and Where are the pot. Solar customers? How much glass do they need per month?

We help You to better understand the world of Solar and the requirements of the Solar Industry in terms of glass, glass qualities and specifications.

Therefore we have generated a compact study, "Solar & Solar Glass Study" (latest edition) which probably have answers to all of Your questions and describes the growing potential for PV/BIPV, CSP and Solar Thermal as well as Solar Glass, the opportunities and challenges in the upcoming years.

With more than 200 pages and more than 250 graphics and tables.

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"Solar Glass Study" (latest edition) for only 5.300 Euro (plus VAT)

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Solar & Solar Glass Study / Contents

Energy from the Sun
Projection effect
Earth´s insolation
Solar radiation
Solar constant
Applications of solar technology
Architecture and urban planning
Agriculture and horticulture
Solar thermal / Water heating
Electrical generation
Energy storage methods
Development, deployment and economics
Solar Collectors: Different Types and Fields of Application
The use of solar heat
Highly efficient absorber surfaces
Flat-plate collectors
Evacuated-tube collectors
How much energy does a solar collector provide?
Solar Heating Systems
Smart Dimensions a must
Choose a Suitable System
Hot Water Storage Tank and Heat Exchanger
The Solar Heat Circulation
The Regulation
Anticipatory Planning for Building Construction
Solar Energy
Solar Power
Concentrating solar power
Development and deployment
Energy storage methods
Experimental solar power
Solar Power for Hot Water and Heating
Solar Water Heating
How does a solar heating system work?
Aren´t solar heating systems too expensive?
Solar Technologies
Photovoltaics: Solar Electricity and Solar Cells in Theory and Practice
How Does a Solar Cell Work?
Characteristics of a Solar Cell
Different Cell Types
From the Cell to the Module
Natural Limits of Efficiency
New Directions
Solar cell
History of solar cells
Bell produces the first practical cell
Berman´s price reductions
Navigation market
Further improvements
Crystalline silicon
Thin films
Cadmium telluride solar cell
Copper-Indium Selenide
Gallium arsenide multijunction
Light-absorbing dyes (DSSC)
Organic/polymer solar cells
Silicon thin films
Research topics
Testing procedures
Types of certification
Module / Product Manufacturing
Solar Thermal
Concentrated solar power
Current technology
Parabolic trough
Fresnel reflectors
Dish stirling
Solar power tower
Future of CSP
Solar thermal energy
Low-temperature collectors
Heating, cooling, and ventilation
Process heat
Medium-temperature collectors
High-temperature collectors
System designs
Parabolic trough designs
Power tower designs
Dish designs
Fresnel reflectors
Linear Fresnel reflector technologies
Fresnel lenses
Micro CSP
Heat Collection and Exchange
Solar Products
Type of products
PV modules
Solar Thermal
Solar Markets
The german PV industry
Solar Thermal
Feed-In Tariffs
Historical development of Solar power production
Market Outlook - various scenarios
Cell Producers
Module Producers
Solar Glass
Reflectance, Absorbance, Transmission
Total transmission
Beer´s law
Transmission - Iron content
Transmission - Silicium responses
Light transmission vs. Energy Transmission
Transmission - Fe2+/Fe3+
Transmission - Glass thicknesses
Transmission - Costs for glass raw materials
AR coating
Corrective lenses
Single-layer interference
Multi-layer interference
Moth eye
Theory of Optical effects due to coatings
Rayleigh`s film
Interference coatings
Solar Glass
Glass types used for solar applications
Glass for c-Si
Glass for CdTe
Glass for a-Si
Glass for CI(G)S
Glass for CSP mirrors
Glass for CSP receivers
Glass for Solar Thermal Flat plate collectors
Glass for evacuated tube collectors
Glass Chemistry
Patterned glass vs. Float glass
Glass for c-Si glass vs. glass for TF
Glass Specifications
Parameter for Float and Patterned glass lines
Parameter for Tubing lines
Parameter for Processing lines
Solar Glass Markets
Float Glass Lines
Patterned Glass Lines
Tubing lines
Growth projection until 2015
Glass for PV
Glass for BIPV
Glass for CSP
Glass for Solar Thermal
Solar Glass Project
Feasability Study
SWOT Analysis
Knowledge Partners
Production Costs
Glass Melting Furnaces
Financial Projection


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