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Container Glass Maker announces expansion by two furnaces

The company plans to build two furnaces and to install 6 machines at the new furnaces to produce bottles for beer and beverage industry. The envisaged capacity is 280 tpd in total to reach approx. 1400 tpd for the whole


    Eastern European company plans container glass location

    The company has planned a batch house with 800 tpd and related machines hereto with production start in Q2


      Glass Fiber Producer unveils plans to expand production in the United States

      The company invests over 80 million Euro over the next years to expand production of high added value glass fibre products and to create over 400 new


        French Container Glass Maker unveils plans for future development

        The glass maker informs that his capacity is fully exploited and plans go into either a new factory or external growth. No further announcement has yet been


          Flat Glass Production Capacity in India to be expanded

          The company announced to invest 135 Mio Euro in 2016/2017 in a new float glass production line and a high-end coating


            Chinese company to undergo expansion of glass fiber production in Africa

            Next phase is planned for special glass production of 110 tpd with startup in 2017. Current capacity is 440 tpd in e-glass fiber mainly for European


              North Africa car windshield production line project

              The company wants to produce 200 pcs/day front windshields for cars and automotive. Greenfield project with further expansion including lamination


                North African Float Glass Factory to double production

                The expansion plans of the glass factory get backup by strong investment partners. Float glass for building glass and architectural applications will be produced in the new


                  Glass complex planned in Mongolia for float and container glass

                  The project outline schedules 150 tpd float line for Low-E architectural glass and 60 tpd furnace for glass bottles. Startup scheduled for QIV


                    African float glass project to continue

                    The project to build a float glass plant in the region Southern Africa is said to continue. The original project began in 2008 and was stopped in 2012/3. It is now going to be


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