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Get quick access to information about projects researched by us or made known to our team or released for publication at This covers any kind of project in a glass factory regarding investments in a greenfield project, factory renovation, restructure, larger maintenance, repair or purchase of factory equipment and machinery.


Bulgaria to get Automotive Glass Processing Plant for 8.8 Mio Euro

An Investor is planning to use an existing building and to install equipment for automotive and coach windshield manufacture. Glass source for processing is said to be Trakya Cam in Targovishte. Deadline for installation is at short term and Trade...

US glass processing company expands two locations with startup by Q3/4 2014

The company invests 22 mio Euro in a new location and 1,5 Mio Euro in the expansion of an existing facility. Annual production output currently reaches 2 mio...

Glass Processing facility in Mexico planned with startup Jan 2015

Insulated glass market leader to expand in the country. Investment of approx 120 Mio Mexican Pesos in new glass processing facility for insulated glass...

East European glass maker to invest in energy efficiency investment and glass recycling

The company is waiting for EU assets of 30 Million Euro for financing its energy efficiency measures and part is dedicated to increase environmental performance by improved glass recycling...

South American automotive glass processing company expands

The company adds another production site with 80 staff for the production of automotive glass for family and military cars. Investment volume is approx. 1.8 Mio...

European company to expand glass fiber production to USA in 2015

High added value glass fibre products to be produced in USA starting in Q1 2015. Various production sites currently under evaluation. Designated location not yet disclosed. Investment volume approx. 5 Mio...

Generalreparatur bei deutschem Flachglashersteller

Das Unternehmen plant eine Generalreparatur bzw. kompletten Neubau eines Floatglasofens für Spezialglas und investiert über 10 Millionen...

North African flat glass producer to renovate rolled glass production line

The company plans to repair and upgrade the production line including successive steps such as tempering and laminating for the PV glass market. Technical assistance and training...

Update: Evaluation and authorisations pending for new glass factory in South America

General governmental approval for new glass factory expected by 4/2014. Status of sand pits and energy supply under final authorisation. Layout and conception of the factory regarding admissible production capacity planned by Q3...

Russian project for Type III glass for pharmaceutical glass products

Russian project for Type III glass for pharmaceutical glass...

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This segment covers glass industry projects that have been researched by us, have been made known to our team or have been released for publication at This signifies any kind of project in a glass factory regarding investments in a greenfield project, factory renovation, restructure, maintenance, repair or purchase of factory equipment and machinery. This module is new at and serves as an indirect sales channel and support for any supplier to glass making industry.

The projects cover all industry areas such as flat glass, hollow glass, technical glass as well as tableware industry. The project information is processed to matching the various industry segments and comprise technical data and time frames for projects, as far as available, contact details and other relevant details.

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