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Krosno Group
ul. Tysiaclecia 17
38-400 Krosno
Country Poland
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Products or Machinery

Krosglass produces glass fibre from glass type E (boro-alumino-silicate) in the form of glass fibre chopped strand mats, roving, chopped strands and textured roving, glass yarn and woven roving fabrics. It has a wide range of application in a number of industries, mainly shipping, motor vehicle and construction. Growing popularity of glass fibre is attributable to a rising number of manufacturers that substitute steel elements with lighter and non-corrosive glass fibre.

Apart from semi-products, the plant has recently launched production of a wide range of finished products. Krosglass opened a Processing Plant that allows the Company to test and experiment on manufactured semi-products and has a sales diversification effect. The plant manufactures washing baskets found on most gas stations, snow shovels, bars, elements for buses, paddling pool, slides for children, etc.

Glass fiber, rovings, chopped strands, woven fabrics

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