Glas+Rahmen, Verlagsanstalt Handwerk GmbH

Address Glas+Rahmen, Verlagsanstalt Handwerk GmbH
Auf`m Tetelberg 7
Postfach 105162
40221 Düsseldorf
Country Germany
Phone 0049 211 390980
Fax 0049 211 3909829
Email Get in contact with Glas+Rahmen, Verlagsanstalt Handwerk GmbH

Contact Persons

Contact 1. Ms. Christine Genster
Phone: 0049 211 39098 65
Fax: 0049 211 3070 70
Contact 2. Mr. Erwin Klein
Phone: 0049 211 39098 86
Fax: 0049 211 3070 70
Contact 3. Ms. Liz Thielen
Contact 4. Mr. Kai Schmelter
Phone: +49 211 39098 66
Fax: +49 211 307070
Contact 5. Mr. Stefan Fier
Phone: 0049 0211 390 98-53

Products or Machinery

Publishing House, Magazine for Glaziers "Windows and Frames", books

Company Background / History

Glas+Rahmen is a technical journal for glass-, window- and facade constructions. It is addressed to entrepreneurs and executives of the glass processing industry, published once a month. Glas+Rahmen keeps close contact to businesses, industry and trade and acts as an informative link for the glass industry and in the window and facade market.
(Information about fairs/exhibitions and events please see from our German media data, mentioned in the right column of the German topic preview).

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