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Contact Info

Address XPAR Vision B.V.
Laan Corpus den Hoorn 300
9728 JT Groningen
Country Netherlands
Phone 0031 50 3162888
Fax 0031 50 3162999
Email Get in contact with XPAR Vision B.V.
Employees 28
Year founded 1999
Export Rate 95 %

Contact Persons

Contact 1. Mr. Paul Schreuders
Contact 2. Mr. Jeroen Vincent
Sales Manager
Phone: 0031 50 3162888
Fax: 0031 50 3162999
Contact 3. Mr. Koos Huisman
Phone: 0031 50 3162837
Fax: 0031 50 3162999
Contact 4. Mr. Michael Podgorski
Sales Manager

Products or Machinery

Supply to container glass manufacturers of hot end process monitoring / inspection systems. Inhouse development of machine vision equipment, based on infrared technology, and information technology systems for production data processing.

Company Background / History

XPAR Vision develops and supplies machine vision equipment. The company has ample experience in industrial R&D, process monitoring, process control and process optimization by means of infrared technology.
XPAR Vision offers innovative but proven technology, expertise and an approach to Hot End Inspection, Process Monitoring and Process Control. We assist container glass manufacturers to improve their profitability, thus improving their sustainability. Contrary to traditional Cold End inspection systems, the information generated by XPAR systems is both in real-time and process-related.Our technology enables the visualisation and analysis of all kinds of glass forming problems. Our approach guarantees improved detection and reduced variation in the glass forming process, which results in increased speed and weight reduction. The final result is better product quality and more production output at lower costs.