Construction of the largest ECR glass fiber plant starts

The construction of the largest ECR glass fiber manufacturing plant in the world commenced the last week of February according to Fiberex Glass Corporation.

Glass fibers are used to manufacture car & truck bodies, boat hulls, Jacuzzis, and thousands of other ‘fiberglass´ items of everyday use. ECR glass is particularly suitable for products that require high resistance to corrosion such as buried water and sewer pipes and chemical and oil storage tanks. ECR is also widely specified for use in the wind-energy, infrastructure, and electrical transmission applications.

The $180 million plant owned by Eastern Petrochemicals Company ("EPETCO") is being built in Jubail Industrial City, KSA with technology, engineering, design, and key equipment provided by Fiberex Technologies Inc. (FTI), a unit of Fiberex Glass Corporation.

Most of the design and engineering work for the green-field plant is being carried out in Canada with key equipment being manufactured in USA, Germany, U.K., France, and Japan.

When completed in December 2009, Fiberex will be able to offer its growing list of customers, substantial additional capacity and an expanded product line including ECR powder and emulsion bonded chopped strand mat, ECR woven roving and the full spectrum of ECR direct (hoop) and gun (chop) rovings.

"We are excited to work with EPETCO to build the largest and most modern ECR glass fiber plant in the world incorporating state-of-the-art technology. I am sure both our companies will benefit from the resulting high quality products and market share for a long time to come" said Fred Atiq, CEO of Fiberex.

FTI provides ‘turn-key´ ECR glass fiber plants to its clients around the world.

What is E-CR glass?

It´s a zero boron glass that is free of added fluorides. It conforms to ASTM D578-1999 specification for E glass. It combines the electrical and mechanical properties of E glass with superior inherent corrosion resistance. And, It can replace E glass in most applications.

About Epetco

Epetco is majority owned by Swicorp Joussour Company, a private equity vehicle with an initial authorized capital of US$712 million.

About Fiberex

Fiberex is a privately held company based in Western Canada. The company operates its flagship production facility in Edmonton (Leduc) with customers in over 40 countries. Fiberex is a recognized world leader in ECR glass fiber technology.

06.03.2008, Fiberex Glass Corporation

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