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The development of thin-film technology on glass for the production of photovoltaic modules opened a new market segment for Grenzebach.

For over 40 years the company has been a competent partner to the flat glass industry and has achieved a leading position as an acknowledged specialist in conveying and handling technology. With their intensive know how and long experience in the construction of processing equipment for material flow the company offers sophisticated technology from a single machine to a complete production line.

This background is an ideal basis for state-of-the-art, reliable and cost-effective production machinery for the photovoltaic industry.

Producers of thin-film photovoltaic modules can choose from a wide range of technology. Working in close cooperation with their customers, Grenzebach engineers will design a line layout to satisfy their individual production needs.

The company provides Front End as well as Back End equipment. For feeding and de-stacking from substrate back side and for loading on conveyors, robot handling offers a valuable and functional solution. Glass sheets, whether small or large, are smoothly and accurately transported on roller and roller angle transfer conveyors. In the hot areas around the CVD process, the glass is loaded and unloaded by high performance fork loaders.

During the cool down stage of the laser scribe process and during maintenance of the various coating and laser processes, accumulators store the substrates and afterwards re-feed the line, thus securing the constant availability of the photovoltaic production equipment.

Extreme accuracy and smooth treatment of the glass are only two of the many standards that have to be met by efficient cutting and snapping technology. The substrate glass is cut in X/Y directions and snapping is done with a high roll without touching the coated side.


Grenzebach is a leading player in the development of cutting glass by laser. Laser cut glass is free of micro-cracks and has absolutely perfect and smooth edges. This improves glass stability 2-3 times compared with conventionally scored glass.

The company also offers a PVB-foil applicator, foil trimming and prelaminating lines. Rack stillages provide optimum storage for substrate glass, front glass and photovoltaic panels. Grenzebach has designed an optimized transport system to automate the entire lamination process, whether autoclaves or laminators are used.
Module finishing combines placement of the junction box, panel sealing, framing, panel simulation and stacking.

A simulation programme allows customers to verify in advance the optimum layout, material flow and production yield while recognized PLC systems are used and sophisticated visualization integrated in the production line. The Grenzebach network concept connects all interfaces from the PLC field bus to the customer supplied ERP system.

A MES System offers access and transparency of critical production data inside companies and plants and is customized to the needs of the user.

Lately, Grenzebach introduced a novel Ultra Sonic Rail Bonding System which is ideally suited when high loads are to be fixed on glass. By this method aluminium and stainless steel are welded onto the glass to create plain surface bonding without affecting glass or coating. This makes it especially suited for the photovoltaic industry. The bonding rail improves the stability of solar modules and allows easy mounting to carrier elements or onto roofs by simple screw connections.

During the thin film solar panel production process, glass panels undergo a number of complex processes. To ensure a constant and high level of production results, Grenzebach offers innovative material inspection technology such as optical surface inspection, edge deletion inspection or lamination quality inspection.

Intensive training programmes and teleservice supports the operating staff. Customers can combine their individual after-sales service package and thus relieve themselves from the burden of maintaining and servicing their individual production machinery.

While taking full advantage of modern communications technology, Grenzebach place great emphasis on maintaining direct and personal contact with their customers. With their production sites in Europe, the US and China, sales offices and representations throughout the world the company is always close to its customers.


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