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Erkelenz, Germany (Technology Member)

EME Maschinenfabrik Clasen GmbH

• Batch houses:  for containers, float glass and special glasses, with capacities from 5 to over 1500 t/d• Cullet return systems: scraper conveyors, crushers for containers, tableware, special and float glasses• Control technology: for all systems...
Wockerather Weg 45
PO 14 56
41812 Erkelenz
Phone: 0049 2431 96180
Fax: 0049 2431 74687
Email: Enter Contact Form
Wertheim, Germany (Extended Profile)

ZIPPE Industrieanlagen GmbH, High-Tech for the Glass Industry

Leading supplier of batch plants - complete plants and components: Internal " external cullet recycling installations Batch chargers for all kinds of furnaces Batch " cullet preheating using furnace waste gases Batch...
Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland (Extended Profile)

Vitrobudowa Sp. z o.o.

Construction and reconditioning of all kinds of glass and industrial furnaces Reconditioning of ceramic and steel chimneys Assembly of industrial machines and devices Industrial installations: gas - air, water cooling, heating etc. Execution...
Piacenza, Italy (Extended Profile)

Glass Technologies S.r.l.

Supplier of Equipment for Batch Houses, Cullett Preparation, Mixing, Metering and Weighing, Batch Charging, Preparation of Raw Materials, Glass Melting, Feeder Technology, Supplier of Tank Furnaces Regenerative, Recuperative, Combustion - Burner...
Beijing, Haidian District, China (People´s Republic) (Extended Profile)

Sinoma Equipment & Engineering Corp.,Ltd.

Sinoma E"E, taking industry as the leading factor, is mainly engaged in the designing of glass plants, supply of complete sets of technique and equipment, general contract of glass engineering project, technical transformation, technical...
Lahti, Finland (Extended Profile)

Lahti Precision Oy

Complete glass batch plants, cullet handling systems, dosing and weighing systems and components, batch plant control systems, waste fiberglass recycling systems, plant modernisations and control system upgrades, wide range of...
Dagmersellen, Switzerland


The GVZ AG - headquartered in Dagmersellen - specializes in the recycling of all types of waste glass. Thanks to a long-standing know -how and state-of -the-art storage and processing technology , the GVZ AG is a competent and flexible partner for...
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Geo Robson & Co (Conveyors) Ltd, Robson Handling Technology

Supplier of Equipment for Batch Houses, Crushing and Grading, Preparation of Raw Materials, Batch Charging, Mixing, Metering and Weighing, Cullett Preparation, Batch Control Software, Conveying, Transport, Packing and Warehouse Technology, Handling...
Gleisdorf, Austria

REDWAVE, BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH

plant engineering specializing in: mixing plants, rock dressing plants, conveying systems optical sorting systems for environmental technology plastics / paper recycling and waste glass recycling. Waste glass...
Selangor, Malaysia

AsiaRealtime Consulting SDN. BHD.

Raw Materials We are providing trading service mainly on directions of raw materials and secondary raw materials, including managing the needs between suppliers and customers which are located in Europe and Asia. We help to solve transportation...

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