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Lauscha-Ernstthal, Germany (Extended Profile)

Glaswerk Ernstthal GmbH

Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Glass, Cosmetic Glass, Container Glass, Bottles, Foods,...
Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal (Extended Profile)

BA VIDRO S.A., Headquarter

Manufacturer of Container Glass, Bottles, Foods, Beverage BA has an annual production of approximately 5 thousand million containers in 11 colors: Amber, White, Light Blue, Flint, UVA White, Black, Antique Green, Emerald Green, Georgia Green, UVA...
Safat, Kuwait (Extended Profile)

Gulf Glass Manufacturing Co. k.s.c., GGMC

Bottles and containers for Food Beverage, Fruit Juice, Perfume Bottles Soft Drink, Water, Jars Containers, Pharmaceutical...
Vadodara, India (Extended Profile)

Haldyn Glass Limited

Manufacturer of Cosmetic Glass, Technological Glass, Ampoules, Pharmaceutical Glass, Container Glass, Bottles, Foods,...
Usobrno, Czech Republic (Extended Profile)


Our bottles will suit your products Joint-stock company Glassworks Moravia, residing in "Uacute;sobrno is a traditional manufacturer and dealer of packing glass: alcohol, liqueur and wine bottles bottles for food products laboratory...
Tettau-Kleintettau, Germany (Extended Profile)

Heinz-Glas GmbH, Headquarter

Manufacturer of Flacons, Cosmetic Glass, Container Glass,...
Lahore, Pakistan (Extended Profile)

Tariq Glass Industries, Limited

Tableware, pressware, tumblers, ashtrays, fruit sets, cups, mugs, jars, printed The plant boasts a production capacity of almost 200 metric tons of glass tableware per day, having a combination of single and double gob press machines as well as H-28...
Hyderabad, Andrah Pradesh, India (Extended Profile)

AGI glaspac

Manufacturer of Container Glass using Blow and Blow and Press and Blow processes in Flint, Green and Amber colours for beverage, food, pharmaceutical, liquor...
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Extended Profile)

Saudi Arabian Glass Company Ltd., SAGCO

Manufacturer of Glass Containers and Domestic Glassware, Hollow Glass, Flacons, Pharmaceutical Glass, Cosmetic Glass, Container Glass, Bottles, Tableware, Pressed Glass, Foods, Beverage, Blown...
Cerrillos, Santiago, Chile (Extended Profile)

Cristalerias Toro S.A.I.C., Headquarter

Manufacturer of Container Glass, Bottles, Beverage, Food, Liquors, Pharmaceutical Glass, Cosmetic Glass, General line of...

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